Talking Creativity With Marc Adamus

There are few people working in landscape photography today that have more influence on the contemporary scene than Marc Adamus. His images are some of the most dramatic, inspiring, and simply beautiful.

Under normal circumstances, Marc spends many months of the year alone, or running his Photo Adventures in the mountainous wilderness of Alaska and western Canada. He has also explored Greenland, Patagonia, and, with me in 2015, the Tibetan Himalaya.

However, as we are all locked down right now with our workshops canceled or postponed, Marc and I had a rare opportunity to sit down over video chat and discuss his unique approach to his images and creativity.

Something most people don't know about Marc, a larger than life figure and influencer, is his deep love for the landscape and the humility with which he enters these stunning areas. This is probably the only free online resource where he opens up honestly and sincerely about himself and his work.

Image by Alister Benn taken on a Trip to Everest in 2015.

He talks about having difficulties in school and learning using traditional methods. This has led him to improvise and find his own way of doing things. Little did he know back then that he would inspire so many others around the world to approach image-making with such passion and technical mastery.

Alister Benn's picture

Alister Benn lives and works on the west coast of Scotland. Usually spending many months a year running workshops for Expressive Photography to Spain, Tibet, Morocco, the Arctic and of course the west of Scotland. With his partner Ann Kristin Lindaas they produce weekly videos for their YouTube Channel.

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Marc's work is truly beautiful. I always look upon it with profound admiration and extreme envy.

Yeah, he's quite the guy. I've been luck y to hang out with him quite a bit and he's a very motivating guy to be around.

Good video! I went to Marc's webpage to see his body of work. Fantastic! I know some may not be impressed, but I like his interpretation of each scene. Just nice work!

taste is always personal and open to interpretation. He puts himself in some amazing places with incredible regularity :-)

Great Marc Adamus, he is the first photographer that I looked at his work and said with confidence, “I am not able to do that”, and that is not only artistically but his lifestyle and and commitment as well.
He is without a doubt one of the greats!!

Yes, he certainly is, but what I hope came across in the conversation was his humility. He is a guy who simply loves the landscape and feels small in it. I love that - especially from Marc.

Whether you like this style or not, it’s notable that he is one of the people responsible for the style of many landscape photographers. They might not know it, but a lot of people are trying to copy his style.

Absolutely, for sure. There is a whole generation of shooters out there modeling their images on his.

I have to admit, while I had heard the name Marc Adamus, I had never seen any of his work, but after looking, I can say that I have seen his images. So dynamic and engaging. He seems like such a great guy. Thanks for broadening my horizons!