Tips for Better Composition in Landscape Photography

Good composition is paramount when it comes to landscape photography. Ansel Adams said, "There's nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept." You don't need the fanciest gear or the snazziest Photoshop skills to pull off a great image, but you do need a strong composition. Photographers Mads Peter Iversen and Serge Ramelli have both recently released videos with great composition tips. Check them out to start taking better landscape images immediately.

Iversen guides the viewer in the video above through his top five composition tips with examples and frank discussion of his work, both good and bad. From making sure your image has a strong focal point of interest to utilizing leading lines, brightness, and contrast to create depth and reinforce the focal point, his tips revolve around visual flow and telling a story through your photography.

Ramelli's video below is the first in a series called "Understanding Composition." In the first episode, he discusses composition in beach photography, with the key being finding the right combination of water, sand, and rocks to act as foreground elements. Ramelli talks through his composition thought process in the field followed by his post-processing workflow.

What are some of your landscape photography composition tips and best practices?

[via Mads Peter Iversen and Serge Ramelli]

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Mads Peter Iversen's picture

Thanks for sharing my video Aneesh! Seems people enjoy it :)

Dominic Crowther's picture

Great vid, thanks for the lessons. Looking forward to seeing more 😀

Deleted Account's picture

I liked the first video. As for the second one, not caring much for the resulting compositions, not so much.