Using Photoshop to Give Your Landscapes More Impact

A whole new decade awaits you and that will likely mean a hell of a lot of photographs to be taken. Make sure your landscapes have the impact you'd hoped for by using Photoshop to give them some extra punch.

I've never been a prolific landscape photographer, not by a long chalk. Nevertheless, I love looking through some of the incredibly talent landscapists in our Fstoppers community and I can't help but take some of my own whenever I'm traveling. Without the control of light, however, it can be tricky to get the sort of eye-grabbing impact that you might want from your image. Contrast seldom solves that problem and it requires a more nuanced and subtle approach.

In this tutorial, PHLEARN's Aaron Nace walks you through how to get that sort of depth and power in your editing to get the very best out of your landscape photography using only Photoshop. None of the advice contained in this tutorial is particularly difficult and people of all skill levels can benefit, so give it a go while you're recovering from the vast intake of food over the holidays.

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Four years of screwing around with sliders because I was too intimidated to even ask how to figure out what was the best use of my learning-to-edit time... all led to one frustrated wanna-be artist.

Christmas gift for me! Thank you for this supportive and easy to follow video. Thank you!