A Tutorial on Long Exposures and the Use of Filters

Long exposures can allow for some truly incredible imagery, particularly when you have the option to play with water and the movement that comes with it. If you're in the mood to start mastering the art of long exposures, then this tutorial is definitely for you. 

Taking long exposures is much, much more than simply sticking your camera on a tripod or some other stabilizer and pressing the shutter. Coming to you from Serge Ramelli, a true master of his craft, this video spends time going over your options for gear as well as camera settings. The use of filters can be a bit tedious, simply because there's the time involved with picking the right one for the right setting and how those settings are constantly changing with your light.

Beyond the use of filters, Ramelli takes the time to talk about what he's seeing there in person and how to capture what it is he actually wants to see in the frame. He gives some great tips about analyzing your subject — in this case, it's a beach and ocean waves — and how to plan the timing of your shots to capture the movement you want in the final result. Whether you live close to a beach or not, the advice given here is very much applicable in multiple situations. Creating fluid motion in rivers, streams, or even the light trails of traffic will take similar amounts of planning and timing to achieve a visually pleasing image.

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