Ultimate Focus Settings For The Canon R6

Katelyn James breaks down the essential (in my opinion) options you need to know and master on Canon's EOS R6 to be able to nail AF and eye-tracking options ensuring a sharp and tracked subject every time. Her style is easygoing and she's great to listen to and I love her videos and explanations which make sense and put everything into perspective.

After switching from the Canon 5D Mark IV last year to the R6. I was intrigued to dive into the menus on the new camera and explore all the options available to me. Being in the middle of wedding photography season meant that I never really got that much time to be able to interrogate the menus as I had previously done over the years with my last Canon camera and ended up using pretty much out-of-the-box (albeit with a few changes) options.  

Being able to see the focus modes James uses and have the reasoning behind the choices make sense. Some of the tips she uses I've implemented already but the tip about setting the eye tracking on off to the * button is genius. I have it on a switched mode on the front button next to the shutter and end up having to cycle through modes to get to it. Servo mode being on? That's a good one too as brides and grooms never sit still (Eesh the gall of them!). Orientation-based AF mode is also a good option I hadn't previously considered or implemented (but will be trying out this weekend hopefully).

I honestly love my R6 and never thought I'd move from the 5D Mark IV. This video has helped me a ton and I can see myself using this camera more and more in the near future with the only real issue being the sensor size for large-format printed landscape images. I do have an EOS-R too though and with the 30 Megapixel sensor on that, I am fully covered. The only question now is do I buy the R5 or wait for the R5 Mark II? Time will tell how good the next iteration of these Mirrorless cameras is and for the moment utilizing every option for my existing kit is a good solution.

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