MagMod Launches New Products for Photographers on Kickstarter

Exactly one year ago today MagMod flash modifiers launched their first Kickstarter project and quickly became a household name in the photo community. Photographers all over the world enjoyed the slick design, ease of use and ability to modify light from their flash using the MagMod grids and gels. Today, MagMod launched a new Kickstarter project introducing their new MagSphere and MagBounce flash diffusers. 

The MagBounce is a gorgeous bounce modifier that has been stripped down to it’s simplest, most functional form.  Carefully designed it to not only be beautiful, but calculated to deliver the softest light with the highest output. The MagSphere instantly shapes your flash into a soft, omni-directional bare-bulb light source that works perfectly as an on-camera diffuser. What I like about each that separates them both from their competition is that they are made from a soft silicone that quickly folds up to fit in any bag without the fear of it breaking. 

The great thing about the MagMod modular system and what sets it apart from the rest is its magnetic grip system. No more having to worry about gaffer tape, buttons, or the loud sound of velcro during a quiet wedding ceremony. The modular system is built around a MagGrip that slips over all flashes and contains two magnets which act as the base. From their you can add on their MagGrid, MagGel, or the new MagSphere or MagBounce. In addition, some of the modifiers allow you to use them stacked together to create different effects. Another great thing about the new MagSphere and MagBounce is that they can also attach directly to an Alien Bee light thereby allowing me to use them while shooting in studio to shape and bounce the light.

MagMod is aiming to raise $50,000 over the next 35 days. Last year they hit that goal in just a day or two. Not only are they a proven Kickstarter success but they also have some very talented photographers who have been using it's products and singing it's praises. Among those include Scott Kelby, Ben Chrisman, Two Mann Studios, Tony Hoffer, Jeff Moiser and many others. 

Take a couple minutes and jump over to their well designed Kickstarter page and watch their fantastic informational video. There you can learn about the new MagSphere and MagBounce as well as rewards they are offering at different funding levels and see examples of the new products in action. Back the project and you'll be enjoying your new modifiers in February 2015. They even have a top reward that is a Double MagMod Kit that includes delivery by December 2014! As a wedding photographer I love the versatiliy that the MagMod modular system offers. Just a couple weeks ago I mentioned in an article that they have become my favorite Speedlite accessory and now with the addition of the MagBounce and MagSphere they will be the only light modifier I'll need to carry with me. 

Lastly, each time the MagMod system is discussed a few people have questions about whether the magnets can do damage to memory cards, cameras or even their phone. The developer Spencer Boerup did this video to show that those devices are safe around magnets. The only concern you should have would be the magnets near spinning hard drives, which is not something one would commonly carry in their camera bags. 



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Justin Haugen's picture

looks like another winner for MagMod!

Jeff Cowan's picture

Didn't he already Kickstart his business? He's using the site as a store.