New and Improved MagMod Is My Favorite Speedlight Accessory

One year ago we all started hearing the buzz about MagMod after they launched a Kickstarter campaign that ended successfully. They then went on to be one of the hottest booths on the tradeshow floor at WPPI. Rather then sit content with their success the team at MagMod has been making improvements to their system and just released version 2 making their popular Speedlight light modifier better than ever. 

For those new to the system, MagMod's are a silicon grip system that stretches (one-size fits all) over your Speedlights. It has two "freakishly strong neodymium" magnets that allow you to quickly and easily place different modifiers on top of your flash. There is really nothing else out there like it in the market. A few weeks ago I was able to get my hands on the new version 2 of the MagMods to give them a test run and I was impressed with the improvements they made to them. The MagMods 2 were just released yesterday for sale on their website.

The MagMod 2 comes with stronger magnets for the gels and grids and the best part is that they come inserted into the silicon from the side keeping them nice and secure. When testing them out I also really appreciated the fact that the stronger magnets made it even more enjoyable to use the gels and grids without any concern of them coming off if they got bumped. 

The MagMods are a valuable system for me when on the go and in studio. As a wedding photographer in Arizona I am shooting on location a lot. Having the portability of the Speedlights is important. Pair that with the ability to control the light around me with grids over my flash and change up the temperature, hue or density of the light coming out with gels makes for a powerful on-the-go lighting package. In addition, as you'll see in the video I posted above, I also am able to use the MagMods in studio to get amazing results especially when going for my favorite style of low key lighting. In less than a second I can add a grid and gel to the flash getting me back right back to shooting. It truly doesn't get much easier. Here is a gallery of images I shot while in studio using only the MagMod grids and gels with my Canon Speedlites. 

To learn more about the MagMod 2 System and pick up one for yourself head over to their website. There you can learn all about what they have to offer and learn about the sale they have going on till October 21st. 

As I was putting this article together I thought it might be valuable for the readers to see how other photographers are using the MagMod system. So I put out a request out to some photographer friends who are currently using the MagMods. Here are some of their images. 

Lanny Mann - Two Mann Studios - Wedding Photographer in Canmore, Canada

Scott Kretschmann - Kretschmann Studios - Wedding Photographer in Albany, New York

Dan Dalstra Photography - Wedding Photographer in El Paso, Texas

Easton Reynolds - LuRey Photography - Wedding Photographer in New Jersey

Crystal Stokes Photography - Wedding Photographer in Charlotte, North Carolina

Brian Carter - Pixel That! Photography - Wedding Photographer in Orange County, CA

Erica Mann - Two Mann - Wedding Photographer in Canmore, Canada

The MagMod system has found it's way into a number of talented photographer's kits. The ability to adapt and control light from our Speedlights using the innovative magnet system helps photographers take their photos up a notch. In studio or on the road I have found the MagMods 2 an effective tool to get the look I want. I think Scott Kelby said it best, "Just so darn smartly designed, affordable, and it couldn’t possibly be easier to use. High five to them!" 


  • Able to change out grids and gels in seconds.
  • New strong magnets hold silicon modifiers even better than originals.
  • Corrective color gels (CTO, CTB, ND, Fluorescent) and creative color gels to change the temperature of your light and add a splash of creative color to your images.
  • Flexible, strong silicon make it one of the most durable accessories for your Speedlights. 


When attached to my Speedlights they are about an 1.5" wider than normal. As a result I lose space in my ThinkTank Airport International bag. I've been trying to come up with the right combination to carry all four of my flashes in there with the MagMod's attached and all my bodies and lenses. Till I find a solution I have been just bringing them in a separate photo bag or I break them down and slip the grip over the lights after setting them up on stands.


I have been very impressed with the MagMod 2 system and the improvements the team made. The guy at the company leading the charge, Spencer Boerup, is a photographer himself and has been really good about listening to feedback from his customers. MagMods have been making quite the buzz in the industry over the last year and there is good reason why. As they say on their website, "MagMod is the simplest, easiest, strongest, fastest, and sexiest speedlite modifier system for Canon and Nikon hot-shoe flashes, period.

Go check out their website where you can find a sale on the new and improved MagMod 2 till October 21st. For just $79 you can pick up the basic kit (grip, grid and gels) and their a-la-carte add-on's are affordable as well. 

// Video by Andrew Belcher. All images used with permission from the photographers. //

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Trevor Dayley ( was named as one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the US in 2014 by Brandsmash. His award-winning wedding photos have been published in numerous places including Grace Ormonde. He and his wife have been married for 15 years and together they have six kids.

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I have a MagMod myself and love it. Super easy to use and very easy to get creative with gelling the lights.

One quick note, if one has already purchased a MagMod and you want another, check your email including your spam folder, MagMod sent out an offer of 25% off the already lower price of $79. So you'll end up saving about $30.

Glad to hear you've enjoyed them Eric!

Looks nice. I'll have to check these out.

shut up and take my money?

You don't have to convince me :) Head on over to the website and we'll make it happen!

Is it me or I can't find the magmod 2 version of the product in their shop?

Hi Alex, like Trevor replied we are no longer selling the original modifiers, everything from here on out is MagMod 2! Hope this helps!

Alex they are no longer shipping out version 1. Everything you see in their store now is version 2 so you are all good to order whatever you see there. Enjoy!

This would be cool on a lens. I've always wanted a hood that I can add filters to quickly. Having to thread a filter onto a lens with a large hood is a pain in the ass.

The closest thing to it is the Lee system and it's massive and pricey.


Hey Spencer, thanks for great customer service. I recently purchased the original and received your email a few days ago announcing version 2. Thanks for remembering your customers and know that I've shared your announcement and had many inquiries from friends about your product. Again, Great Customer Service Sir.

MagMod 2 works with NIKON flashes too ? In your video advertising i saw on canon gear . I want to buy, but I'm not sure if MagMod 2 with NIKON flashes !

I have it on my SB900 and 910. Works great Radu!

Nice video and images Trevor!

I've been using the Mag Mods and really like them. I have the same issue with bag storage but it's a small price to pay for a fast/easy system. I'm glad they addressed the magnet issue because when they come out, if you inadvertently put it back in in the reverse polarity that it was before it came out, it can really cause issues while you sit there and try to figure out which side is in wrong (one side of the grid/gel attracts and one repels). It's even worse if one of the magnets on the flash sleeve comes out. They aren't marked so it's just trial and error. Price you pay for using the convenience of magnets.

Do they have any gels to balance for tungsten or fluorescent lighting? These would be really useful. Most of the other sample pics I've looked at just make the photos look like they were taken with the wrong WB.

Use some Sugru on your first generation magmod and stop magnets from detaching, know I love them!

Hey @alejandro! I have the original magmods too and I just bought Sugru compounds because of your post. I would love to see some photos how you applied them exactly? Thank you

yes, i would like to know how you applied them. thanks!
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So great, i want buy it :)

So beautiful.See more: <--- I have a MagMod myself and love it.