5 Lightroom Tips That Will Improve Your Workflow

Lightroom is a place where a lot of photographers spend a ton of time, and any tips you can pick up to speed up your workflow or improve your image quality can pay off quite a bit. This helpful video tutorial will show you five tips that will both make your workflow more efficient and increase your image quality. 

Coming to you from Lucy Martin, this great video tutorial will show you five tips to improve your work in Lightroom. While the ability to copy edits is one the most powerful tools out there to make your editing more efficient and your images more consistent, one way to extend those capabilities is to use the Match Total Exposures feature. This feature allows you to choose an image with an exposure you like or have edited to taste, then automatically adjust all the other selected images to have the same exposure based on their shutter speed, aperture, and ISO all considered together. I use this, for example, when I shoot events and need to smoothe out minor variations in my settings across time, then I copy my edits (minus exposure) across similar subsets of images. Check out the video above for the full rundown form Martin.

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