Adobe Introduces New Website Portfolio Integration for Lightroom

Adobe Introduces New Website Portfolio Integration for Lightroom

Perhaps one of the most prominent roadblocks to efficiency when building a portfolio website is the process of selecting, exporting, and uploading batches of photos. Adobe is seeking to reduce the number of steps in that process with their new feature that allows for one-click implementation of Lightroom collections.

If you're using Adobe Portfolio to host your website (if you already have your own custom domain, you can still use it), you'll notice a new section in addition to Website Pages: Integrations. Within Integrations, you can connect any Lightroom Collections in the desktop app to the cloud, then set the website page where you'd like that Collection's photos to appear. 

Once this is done, a photo grid wil automatically be generated, after which you can edit the order of the images, remove photos, add text, additional images or videos, etc., making it much like any other standard photo portfolio page. For those of us constantly updating photo galleries, it could be a pleasant way to reduce the tedium involved in that task. 

The best part is that the new features are included for anyone on the Creative Cloud plan. Head over to Adobe's blog post for the full rundown.

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Is it just me or doesn't adobe portfolio support lightbox viewing? aka view the images bigger than thumbs?

Alex Cooke's picture

Works fine for me on all the sample sites!

Retouch Space's picture

You need to enable the lightbox option on your myportfolio site. Navigate to Edit Site Settings -> Site Options, then make sure "Enable lightbox for images on my pages" under Lightbox for Images is checked.

Andreas Heide's picture

But its not possible to integrate the portfolio in a own Website, right?

Ben Perrin's picture

You could probably use it via iframes or something (which is not a great solution). Not sure if they are aiming this at people who already have a custom website and want a single portfolio page as well. Maybe someone could answer that question a little better than I.

Retouch Space's picture

Short answer. No. What about using it as a subdomain of your original site and add a link from your original site. FOr example, if your main site called, then you could point to your myportfolio, and add a link to it from your main site

It seems to only be for Lightroom Web collections, I do not see how to add collections from my desktop

I commented here and on the Adobe blog post (as have several others over there) that it seems to only work with Lightroom Web. No one has responded to the questions over there on how to do it with Lightroom on your desktop.

Alex Cooke's picture

All you need to do is sync desktop collections with mobile, and they'll show up.

That is not clear in any of the instructions I have seen. Still no one from Adobe has replied on their own post about it.