Are You Using This Lightroom Tool in Your Workflow?

Color range masks are nothing new within Lightroom. However, they have become increasingly powerful the last couple of years, and you absolutely should be utilizing them in your work.

There is a lot you can do with a color range mask that isn't simply altering a color. In this video, I cover why the color range is more versatile than using the HSL panel, how to use an intersecting or subtracting mask to enhance your image, or the ability to manipulate the haze in your image more naturally. This tool often gets overlooked, something I'm guilty of myself, but with the recent changes to Lightroom's masking interface, I've found it a lot more intuitive to use.

While my work is all nature-based, there are a lot of use cases to use color range masks on subjects within your photos. Imagine you use a subject or object selection mask to brighten someone in your photo, but a colored article of clothing is becoming distracting, This is a perfect use case for the color range mask. 

It can even work in your black and white conversions if you ever want more control over certain colors rather than using the standard black and white balance located within Lightroom. Watch the video, and try it out on a photo you might be struggling with. I would love to see your results in the comments down below. 

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Alex Armitage has traveled the world to photograph and film some of the most beautiful places it has to offer. No matter the location, perfecting it's presentation to those absent in the moment is always the goal; hopefully to transmute the feeling of being there into a visual medium.

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Nice video. Very Helpful