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Many Photographers Neglect This Very Important Practice

Photographers focus a lot on the technical aspects surrounding their work, whether it's the gear they are using, finding the perfect settings for their images, or trying to capture every pixel. While those can be important in some situations, it leads to many of us neglecting this very simple practice that will have a larger impact on your final image.
Using Firefly, Midjourney, and Generative Fill to Create Professional AI Composites

There has been a plethora of news about AI completely changing photography as we know it, but is it actually usable in the real world? Not only will you see exactly what it can do in a professional setting, you'll also get studio lighting setups, art direction, and an entire tutorial on doing this yourself.
Every Landscape Photographer Needs This Filter

I follow a decently minimalist mindset when it comes to landscape photography, yet this is something I never leave home without. In some situations, this photography accessory single-handedly makes an image possible.
How to Take Great Images in Bad Weather

Landscape photography is largely dictated by the weather you experience out in the field. Many times, we don't get the conditions we hoped for, which can be especially challenging after investing time and money into a photography trip. These are five things you can do the next time you're in unfavorable conditions to walk away with great images regardless of the weather.

Photoshop's Generative Fill: Overhyped or Industry Changing?

The past week has been flooded with news showcasing how amazing Photoshop's new Generative Fill tool. It's essentially an AI-powered Content-Aware Fill on steroids, but is it actually as good as everyone says it is?
How Much I Made From YouTube Full-Time in 2022

While my focus revolves around landscape photography, much of the information I break down through this article would apply to any photography content channel. I've been doing YouTube full time for over two years. This is a breakdown of all of my revenue from 2022.
A Message Every Photographer Should Hear

Have you questioned your own work or struggled with constantly feeling like you aren't finding success as an artist? Hearing this might help remind you that we all experience similar struggles and many times, we are our own worst enemies.
The Secret to Success in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is arguably one of the most popular genres of photography while also being one of the hardest to find success in. After working full-time in the profession, I've finally found what the secret to success is.
Super Telephoto Lenses: Amazing or Overrated?

Last summer I bought a super telephoto lens to capture wildlife in Alaska. After more than half a year of using it as a lens for landscape photography, was it worth it?

If Camera Brands Were People

Likely the most controversial topic in the photography world is which camera brand is best. What if you took those brands and personified them into a conversation with each other?

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Drone Photography

Drones provide photographers with incredible image opportunities but still lack dynamic range and pixel count of their grounded handheld counterparts. What if you could increase your dynamic range, resolution, and take better images?

Are You Using This Lightroom Tool in Your Workflow?

Color range masks are nothing new within Lightroom. However, they have become increasingly powerful the last couple of years, and you absolutely should be utilizing them in your work.

The Future of Drone Development

Many of us associate DJI with their dominance in the drone market for photo and video; however, there is an entire world of enterprise solutions that you might know about. These are innovations that could even show up in the next drone you purchase.

I Didn't Believe the Hype Until I Tried AI Noise Reduction Myself

As a landscape photographer, I don't usually deal with too much noise in my images unless I'm shooting nightscapes. Once I started shooting more wildlife during my time in Alaska, I decided to give it a try and I was absolutely blown away with the results.