Lightroom Mobile Updates With Raw HDR Capture Mode, New Editing Features

Lightroom Mobile Updates With Raw HDR Capture Mode, New Editing Features

As phone cameras continue to become more powerful, apps are developing at breakneck speed to match them. Today, Adobe introduced Lightroom Mobile for iOS 2.7 and Android 2.3, which brings a new raw HDR mode and other features.


The most exciting new feature in today's release is the raw HDR mode. When using this, the app automatically analyzes a scene to determine a three-exposure bracket, then aligns, de-ghosts, and tonemaps the resulting image, outputting a raw DNG file. On iOS, you'll need an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, SE, or iPad Pro 9.7" to take advantage of this mode. On Android, the Samsung S7, S7 Edge, Google Pixel, and Pixel XL are currently supported, with more devices to come. Check out the interface and some sample shots below.

Other Features 


The new version of Lightroom Mobile for iOS also introduces the ability to export original DNG files, improved rating and review features, better sync speed and stability, background sync and upload, and a Force Touch and nNavigation Center widget. Personally, background sync will be a boon for me, as I often cull huge photo sets on the go, and I'll no longer have to leave the app open to sync them initially.


The new Android version also includes radial and linear gradient local adjustments, which allow increased precision when editing.

Altogether, it's another step forward in embracing the power of mobile devices. Be sure to check out the Google Play store or the App Store for the newest version of Lightroom Mobile. You can read Adobe's full blog post on the update here.

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Jonathan Brady's picture

Sorry for the ignorant question as I've never looked into LR mobile, if I have Adobe CC, is this included?

Unfortunately now you have to log in to use LR mobile.