Photographers Rejoice: Adobe Releases Lightroom 6.3/2015.3, Brings Back Old Import Dialogue

Photographers Rejoice: Adobe Releases Lightroom 6.3/2015.3, Brings Back Old Import Dialogue

Lightroom users everywhere have reason to celebrate! Today, Adobe released version 6.3/2015.3, which in addition to bug fixes and a slew of updated lens and camera profiles, brings back the much-missed features of the old Import dialogue. 

Last month, Adobe released an update to Lightroom that faced a harsh backlash after stability issues rendered the program nonfunctional for some, and the removal of some key features in the Import dialogue angered others. After issuing an apology and quickly releasing an update that remedied the crash issues, today, Adobe has come full circle and restored the old Import dialogue, a move that is sure to please many users.

Today's release includes new camera profiles for recently released Canon, Fujifilm, Leica and Sony bodies, as well as about 50 new lens profiles. Bug fixes include more stability remedies related to performance, third-party plug-ins, panorama creation, display of rotated photos, and other issues that caused crashes for some users. 

Though this is in some way a step backward, it's a much welcome step in that it restores some very practical features that many photographers find useful, such as the ability to automatically eject a memory card after an import is completed. Are you using the new version yet? Let us know how your experience has been in the comments!

Download the new version here: Windows | Mac

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ocube O's picture

Sometimes I wonder if they test with actual photographers before updating Lightroom...

Ken Kotch's picture

does it fix the issue where you can't tether Nikons on El Capitan?

Eric Snyder's picture

I asked them and this is their response: The current Nikon Tethering SDK uses an API that was deprecated by Apple in El Capitan. Nikon needs to update their SDK to use a different API. Once they update their SDK, we can test and integrate it in a future update.

Pratik Dhakan's picture

I wonder how capture one pro on El capitan is able to tether and adobe can't. Adobe can make excuses but the problem is with lightroom and not with apple

I am currently tethering D810 to Capture one on El capitan

Joel Meaders's picture

This is why you don't update anything on a production machine before testing. Adobe's response is fine and makes perfect sense. Major OS updates can cause these sorts of issues, especially if an OS updates or changes a key API needed to interact with the system. Capture One could have already had the new API programming ready or they could be using different methods altogether. Can you imagine the outrage if Microsoft changed APIs without telling their customers?

Alexander Petrenko's picture

The most useful comment. I've almost pressed "Yes, update it all" but was distracted and started procrastinate on F-Stoppers. It occurs - distractions are often save our shoots for who knows how many next months...

Philipp Benedikt's picture

Does it fix the performance/speed issues where on some systems (even the advanced ones) you can't really work any long with the brush for example? It was a pain in the ass...

Spy Black's picture

Too bad it takes massive backlash for Adobe to actually listen to it's customers...

Anonymous's picture

Great news.... Am I going to update though? Nope-just gone backwards to one that 'works' and i'm not going forward again just yet.... really fed up with Adobe (and all the rushed 'updates' by software companies)

DAVID DUPUY's picture

Still to nervous to actually upgrade from my downgrade...I will wait and see.