Seven Useful Lightroom Tricks That Will Save Your Time

While the performance of Adobe Lightroom is an on-going controversial topic, it is still one of the major tools for many photographers when it comes to image processing. According to some, the Lightroom workflow is a bit tricky, and users might be limited to perform some actions, as with changing the effect of the pre-built presets. Ben Jacobsen shares his seven time-saver tricks that also overcome some general problems with Lightroom.

Lightroom allows photographers to create catalogs, select their images and process the raw files to export as desired image outputs. In these ways, it is like Capture One; but as most users are more familiar with Adobe interface, Lightroom is a great alternative that combines the features of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Adobe Bridge. Luckily, the interface of the develop section of Lightroom is quite similar to ACR, and with some tricks, you can improve your workflow and master Lightroom.

Ben Jacobsen of the Framed Show YouTube channel explains the seven tricks he uses, which might be useful and a time saver for enthusiasts and working photographers. In this 15-minute video, you will find information about precise control over the presets, sorting and editing your photos, and even some quick tips for client proofing.

If you have your own Lightroom tricks, don’t forget to share in the comments section below.

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Alexander Petrenko's picture

If you want your culling go faster, use 3rd party tools to do that, not CapsLock :)

Burak Erzincanli's picture

Thanks Alexander, which one do you recommend?

Benjamin Nations's picture

Great tips! I'll be using caps lock culling trick a lot.

Vincent Alongi's picture

My Lightroom just updated itself over the weekend- I haven't checked the version, but it's now utterly, painfully, dreadfully slow in processing every change. Brutally slow, to the point I'm considering jumping ship asap. Thankfully only used it to process about 4 photos, but I couldn't imagine a importing 50 shots to process. What the hell is going on here?

Anyhow, does Photoshop behave like this? Or, I may move over to Capture One.

Eric Salas's picture

Check your graphics card settings. The update may have reset or changes previous settings that optimized performance.
Mine is running faster than ever.

Vincent Alongi's picture

Thanks, Eric... will do.

Duffy Doherty's picture

The Fader doesn't seem to work for LR6 stand alone. Have others found this to be true?

Michael Long's picture

Very helpful. One issue I am having with sharing via URL (last tip). When the client opens the URL, they can't leave comments etc unless they have an Adobe account. So it seems like this won't work for clients that don't have an Adobe account. Is that right?