[BTS Video] Photographer Adrien Broom Storybook Themed Shoot

Featured on the Wednesday Rundown before, Photographer Adrien Broom takes us behind the scenes on another whimsical shoot. In this video, she's working with a PocketWizard MiniTT1® [For Nikon/ For Canon] and an AC3 ZoneController [For Nikon/For Canon] to control the power levels of an Elinchrome Digital 2400 and an Einstein™ E640 lights directly from the camera's position.

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This is a pretty amazing shoot, don't get it why someone rated this with only 1 star....

Elena Jasic's picture

Love this concept. 

Daf's picture

Prefer the look & Feel of the BTS photography to that of the finished images!

 I agree. Out of all images that came from this shoot I only care for a close up of a woman holding a rabbit. I