NYC Photographer Convinces Complete Strangers To Pose Together, With Charming Results

NYC Photographer Richard Renaldi recently embarked upon one of the most original photo projects I've ever seen. In the series Touching Strangers, Renaldi finds two strangers, whether on the street, in a restaurant, at work - and tells them to get together and pose as if they have known each other for years. While the initial encounters and posing is always awkward as expected, the finished photographs are not at all what you'd expect - they seem to be full of compassion, caring, and love.

The above video is a great look into how Renaldi works - and was pretty eye opening. This is one of those projects that I totally wish I had thought of, but I wonder if I had the guts to pull it off. It looks like Renaldi is a master of this. If you have time, be sure to check out his website, as some of his work is just absolutely jaw-dropping and very original.

via r/photography

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"The video is not available in your country." Why can't I see the video here in Europe, Sweden? Seems a bit crappy to me :(.

Complain to Google.

Joel, I'm in the UK and had the same issue. Was able to watch it on his blog though (via his website).

same here, in Canada