Tips To Improve Your Event Photography

This lesson from Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens is a little different than his others. Mostly shooting on a Canon 7D with a Tamron 17-50mm lens, he gives several helpful tips on how he shot this celebrity event. We may not always be able to bring extra lighting and a Kessler Crane but there are will always be more to learn ways we can improve. Check out this video for more ways to learn!

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Adam Cross's picture

"make your own press pass - this and a camera in your hand will get you in to a lot of places!"... wait, what!? :S

Chris Helton's picture

every event I've ever shot has created their own badges. every concert has their own printed backstage/photo/video badges. If it isn't what they hand out, you dont get in.

Adam Cross's picture

exactly, as a photographer you can't just make your own pass and expect to get in anywhere - this guy is crazy

ɹǝɟısןnd ɹǝןʎʇ's picture

I've done it a few times, It obviously won't work EVERY time, but the general rule of "If you look like you belong there, people will think you belong there" really goes a long way.

I HATE shooting events like this.  All that work he put in to get so so footage and the sound was bad in the interviews. This is not his fault but is part of what comes with the territory.  People in clubs tend to be mean after they start drinking and you really need to not be around when that happens.

This is an area where wedding photogs are AMAZING. How they work with total strangers and not want to pull a gun on them is beyond me.

THE GREAT ZEEE's picture

i shoot events in new york and this is totally not what its like at all. this would be ideal if it were like that

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We'd be interested to get your take on what it's like. Shoot me an email at

Singer on stage and no lights set up by the club! Crazy.

Agreed - events are usually a lot more hectic than this - no chance for stands, sliders, etc.