Leaf Credo Digital Backs Now Compatible With the Phase One XF Body

Leaf Credo Digital Backs Now Compatible With the Phase One XF Body

Phase One released its new camera body last year, the XF. However, it was not clear if it would ever be compatible with the Leaf Credo backs. It was first said that it would be, and then, months later, the support told everyone who'd ask about it that they could not give any answer. Well, today we finally have one: Leaf Credo backs are compatible with the XF body.


The Phase One XF body is very different from the 645DF+. The design was entirely revised from the inside out with modularity and software ability to upgrade in mind. It must be said though that it took the Danish medium format manufacturer nearly five years to create this great camera body! Anyone who gives this camera a try and is used to shoot with a 645DF or 645DF+ will probably be tempted to upgrade. The system is very well made and easy to use – almost no need for a user guide. However, if you want to learn more about this body, you should definitely read Ryan's Phase One XF review.

Like many looking at getting into medium format, I've been looking at all the different solutions available. From old second-hand backs, to various brands such as Pentax, I think I pretty much looked at every single medium format out there. However, when I tried the XF, I fell in love with it! Oh and don't get me started on the waist-level viewfinder – I so wish more camera manufacturers would offer it. The only problem is, the XF is not compatible with the old P backs such as the P45+ that can be found for little money on the web. So the other option was the Leaf backs. Or so I thought.

Leaf being owned by Phase One, I thought their backs would be compatible with the XF. However, they were not... until a couple of days ago. Leaf just announced that their credo backs, which are a bit cheaper than the Phase One IQ, now fully work on the XF body. The Credo backs from Leaf do not have all the bells and whistles of the IQ backs, but it is a great starting point for someone who cannot justify the investment of something such as an IQ3 back.

It is rather good news and proves that Phase One still wants to keep Leaf on the map. It could also make one wonder what will be the next step for Leaf in regards to their digital backs. Now that Phase One owns Mamiya, will Leaf become even more affordable to get people to buy into the medium format world? With cameras such as the D810 slowly closing the gap between medium format and 35mm cameras in terms of resolution, many photographers seems to not want to invest into medium format. Having a more affordable option, such as Pentax, but with all the great advantages of Phase One (support, Capture One, lenses, leaf shutter, etc.) would probably be very well received. However, then I might just be dreaming here.

For more information regarding the compatibility of the Leaf Credo backs and the Phase One XF body, head over to Leaf website.

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