A Look at 100MP Raw Files From the Phase One IQ3 Digital Back

Have you ever wondered what a 100-megapixel raw file looks like? In this video, Pratik Naik gives you a glance at raw files from the 100-megapixel Phase One IQ3 digital back. Naik goes through several images and talks about resolution, color depth, dynamic range, detail, file sizes, comparison between cameras, and computer needed to work with these files. If you are a medium format shooter, thinking about upgrading, or just want to learn a thing or two about really big files, check out this video.

The details in these images are amazing and truly feel like several images stitched together. Even when cropping tightly on landscape images, the details still remain insanely sharp. It is easy to see how beneficial the insane dynamic range in these files could be for recovering details from highlights and shadows. If you want to further your learning, or even download the raw files for yourself, you can head over to Digital Transitions for more information and links to the files. If you want more information on the IQ3 digital backs and other medium format gear, check out the Phase One Website. If you are a medium format shooter, or are thinking about making the change, let us know your thoughts. What is your dream medium format system?

[via Pratik Naik]

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I'm still partial to the RB67.