Apple’s Latest Ads for iPhone Shows Daily Life as Great Material

Apple has just uploaded ads which will most likely also be broadcast nationally. They consists of videos that were shot using iPhones. To use the tool to make the videos that advertises the tool is a great way to convey a message. It all enhances and forms part of their ecosystem that is the Apple brand. I believe it's well-executed, especially due to the fact that the videos were created by the users, making the products friendler to others.  

Getty Images recently had their say about how mobile photography is changing what people want to see. First-person viewing is a trend that is forming an integral part of our everyday media consumption. Just like your friends will use their phone to show you a crazy video they took or saw over the weekend, brands are aiming to do the same, and these videos are the perfect examples. 

The phones in our pockets have become very powerful. In the past we've even had our very own fashion shoot using the iPhone.  

What I Like About the Videos

Some of these short clips were captured on the spot with great anticipation. For any photographer, anticipation is most often the characteristic that gets you the shot, or has you miss it completely. How did they know a hippo was coming out behind the boat? I surely didn’t know a hippo could move that fast under water!

The ads also cover everyday life. People identify with that. We’ve all sat in a car while it’s raining, and we’ve all seen or taken a video of our kids or those in our family doing something cute, shared with us via our mobile phones. I think becoming aware of these moments in everyday life and capturing them can be a very powerful way of expression.  

What I Thought Was Strange 

The music is quite in contrast to the visual. The first song mentions chocolate a couple of times and plays while a dog runs towards the camera. Dogs aren’t supposed to eat or get close to chocolate, so in my opinion, many other songs could’ve been used. The hippo jumping out on some dubstep surely makes you want to party with the hippo, but the mere fact that a hippo can move this fast is quite impressive and must be seen as a natural phenomenon.  


Contrast can be a good thing. Putting two unrelated media types or concepts together to create something new can have great effect. I just think some of the music detracts from the video, but that is just my opinion. The short clips are fun to watch, so I can’t say I won’t watch them again. 

You can watch the whole playlist here

"The best camera is the one that's with you." - Chase Jarvis

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tristan lamour's picture

Its a shame that none of y'all writer have covered the death of the incredible photojournalist David Gilkey yet. Instead, this is what y'all chose to write about. What a shame.

Anonymous's picture

took the words out of my mouth.

Felix Wu's picture

I hope Apple still has the capacity to release something groundbreaking/innovative. No more great stuff since Steve Jobs. Same old same old, bigger faster...Lets really hope Apple don't disappoint this time.

Spy Black's picture

Sooooo, are these people being paid for the use of their stuff in the ads?

Scott Mosley's picture

yup, the photographers were compensated, but I couldn't find out how much they got

Spy Black's picture

Probably a one-time pittance.