Pedestrians Appear Frozen in This Slow-Mo Video Filmed on a Smartphone at 960 Frames per Second

A filmmaker in New York City recorded a video through his car window, shooting at 960 frames per second. The resulting clip makes it seem as though moving pedestrians are frozen on the spot.

Glen Vivaris is a camera and drone enthusiast based in NYC. For this video, he used his smartphone. Specifically, it was shot using the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its Super Slow-mo feature.

Writing in a post on Reddit, he said:

The car was actually moving really fast in comparison to the people. If you were to play it normal speed, the car just zips by in a split second. It's similar to how they shot the explosion behind Quicksilver in Xmen Apocalypse.

The two-minute visual is compiled of various clips featuring members of the public from all walks of life as they cross roads, walk their pets, and wait at bus stops. He’s now released the project over at his YouTube channel, with many users commenting that the video looks like that of the loading menu for a Grand Theft Auto game.

The project is reminiscent of the work of photographer Adam Magyar, who took a high-speed camera on public transport, with his footage giving off the appearance of people frozen on the platform.

Your thoughts?

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I remember seeing this at the Met- still cool that this was from a cell phone- but def been done before...

Wow, that is really funky.

I bet there are a few innovative uses for this. Set it up on a spinning arm and you could do an el cheapo bullet time.

I attached a GoPro at 960fps to a selfie pole while spinning steel wool and it totally accomplishes bullet time. Whats the native resolution for this video?

Which GoPro does 960fps? I've got a few but thought they only went to 240fps.