Samsung Catering to Millennials With New Vertical TV Designed to Optimize Viewing of Social Media Content

Samsung Catering to Millennials With New Vertical TV Designed to Optimize Viewing of Social Media Content

A new day, a new product is unveiled to cater to the millennial generation. Samsung has just released details of a vertical TV, which is being touted as ideal for viewing your Instagram feed on the big screen.

Measuring 43 inches, the TV is called The Sero, which translates from Korean to the rather creative name of “The Vertical.” Through its mirroring function, users can synchronize their mobile’s screen using NFC.

The Sero’s biggest selling point seems to be that it caters to the large portion of social media content that is shot in portrait.

Should you wish to use it as a conventional TV, it can also be rotated back to landscape (horizontal) on its stand.

With its sleek minimalist design, plus 4.1-channel, 60W speakers and compact navy stand, Samsung clearly seems to be aiming at the younger generation, with the TV functioning as a music streaming hub and being aesthetically pleasing doing so.

The Sero is due to first be released in Korea in late May 2019. The price tag is set to be ₩1.89 million, which is approximately $1,630. As of writing, there has been no announcement as to when it may be sold in the US or its price point outside Korea.

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Dear Samsung,

No thanks.


The Millennials

Maybe for the 'hipsters'? I would love to read the marketing research done for this thing.

this actually isn't for us, it's for the Gen Zers...

I struggle to imagine a serious use case for this.

The only use I see is in a techy office or at events where they show their live stream of tweets or posts, etc. But most places doing this just use a regular tv right now.

You can also hang a normal TV vertically.

Sometimes I lay on my side while watching TV so this will be ideal!

Does it swipe up and down?

I have so many questions for the marketing team that saw an opportunity with this.


My eyes are still on the left and right of my face, not the top and bottom. I’m still a human being, not a monster.

- A Millennial

its for fish people.

I’m a fish person and I approve this message.

I don't understand why so many people find it difficult to reorientate their phone before shooting footage.

Composing video in a portrait orientation is literally never better than in landscape. I have never seen it done well artistically or for a technical reason.

Save money and teach morons to stop filming in vertical. Maybe change all phones to only film wide so 100 years from now people are digging up tiny vertical videos of someone's breakfast or fake instagram life.

Stupid! What's next, goggles that let us see everything vertically?

On a side note, "millennials" has to be the most non-descriptive descriptor.

and most of the laptop screens are still 16:9, designed in the early 2000s for pirated movie watching.
now we all have netflix on our tv, can we get back to work with 4:5 screens ?

I dunno, man. I love 16:9. In fact I use an ultrawide monitor at work. It is the best. So much screen real estate! I understand it's not for everyone, but you will have to pry my 16:9 from my cold dead hands.

maybe on a big screen but for smaller screens vertical space is so much more praktical

mmmm I can see that certain spaces.

Haha, now if they just came up with the idea to have a stand on which they can flip the screen 90 degrees and software to analyze the orientation of the screen switching the viewing to vertical, just like phones screens, would not that be nice innovation for TV addictive weirdoes ? Happy shooting every one :)

Dear Samsung...This is stupid ~ signed Gen X

Vertical video is an abomination.

Great for retail environments.

I hate vertical videos and frankly know of none that are super clips worth buying a Tv to play them. Good luck samsung you will need it.

Haven't people who work in finance and tech been using vertical monitors for years? Half the people in my dads office have a vertical monitor on their desk.

I think they missed a terrific opportunity... this should be the next smartphone itself. Full size selfies, anyone? Display on both sides and a lower res camera on the front?

Oh, but it won't fit in the pants pocket, you say? Larger pants!