Six Creative Ways to Get Explosive High-Speed Smartphone Photos

If you thought you needed high-end gear to get those stunning, high-speed impact shots, you don't. In this video you'll learn how to take sharp, explosive action shots with just your smartphone.

I'll be the first to admit that when I got bitten by the photography bug I was a glutton for new gear. Bodies, lenses, filters, gels, you name it and I was sure that you needed it if you wanted to become a really good photographer. Of course, there's definitely a place for everything in photography and it's undeniable that certain situations and genres necessitate having some pretty high-end equipment.

But very often you simply don't need gear worth thousands in order to get great shots. In this fun, instructional video from the creators over at COOPH, they show you how to get some amazingly cool, explosive high-speed photos with just your smartphone, a few household things, and a great imagination. I really love the example of exploding flour used with a skateboard as I have three skateboards at home. I'll definitely be trying that out. And while the egg eruption photo looks like a whole lot of fun, I'd warn against trying it with anyone you might have just had an argument with.

Watch the video, learn the tricks, then go out and practice shooting. It's really encouraging to see creativity like this without the need to spend half your monthly salary just to get the shot. What similar ideas do you have for exploding, high-speed photography with your smartphone? I'd love to read them in the comments below.

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