How to Mix Daylight with LED Light

In this video from The Slanted Lens, photographer Jay P Morgan takes you behind the scenes at East West Bank as he shoots a two camera interview of two executives. By mixing daylight with LED light, he shows you how to blend a single LED light source with natural window light while on location.

If you like this look and want to try it out then you'll want to enter the giveaway for a Photoflex NorthStar LED lite. To enter, visit

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Michael Comeau's picture

I have to ask - is this guy endorsing East West Bank?

Hector's picture

Oh no, no. Jay P only banks at JP Morgan Chase :)

Dave Dugdale's picture

I just published a review on the Alzo 3000 which is similar to the NorthStar light but a fraction of the cost if anyone is interested.

Bobby Robertson's picture

That looks like a Cai Guo-Qiang firework painting behind them..