Fisherman Captures Amazing Footage Of Dolphins Underwater With Gopro

One thing I love about the Gopro Hero 2 cameras is that normal, everyday people can record amazing footage that has never been seen before. Such is the case with Mark Peters who thought he was just going to film some albacore tuna during his fishing trip. Little did Mark know what his GoPro would capture inside his homemade underwater torpedo. This footage is so good it almost looks CGI! It's pretty impressive how much better the Hero2 is in low light compared to the original Gopro.


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As mentioned elsewhere look out for the whales entering frame from the bottom right at 2:15


Mike Kelley's picture

Incredible. Things like this are such a reminder that we need to do more to preserve our oceans, how can we not?

Looks a little fake to me, can't really tell why, the dolphins just seem a little, off/strange? Anybody else seeing this?

Jason Vinson's picture

looks real to me...