NASA’s Global Selfie: A 3.2 Gigapixel Image of Earth

In celebration of Earth Day, NASA asked people, “Where are you on Earth Right Now?” and had them respond through social media outlets: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr with a photo tagged "#globalselfie". One-hundred-thirteen countries/regions and thousands of photo submissions (approximately 50,000), gave NASA all that it needed to create a “Global Selfie”. Each photo acts as a pixel in a giant, zoomable 3.2 gigapixel mosaic, depicting our planet as it was on Earth Day. The video will give you an idea of what users submitted but to really be impressed you have to check out the actually Gigapan Global Selfie.

“The 3.2 gigapixel Global Selfie mosaic, hosted by GigaPan, was made with 36,422 individual images that were posted to social media sites on or around Earth Day, April 22, 2014. When viewing on GigaPan's website, clicking on the "Snapshots" icon in the lower-left corner will display a row of highlighted images.”-NASA-

via [pnts][NASA]

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The Gigapand thing is pretty cool, but the video threw me off...the link is in the post.