ACDSee Announces ACDSee, a Free Program for Ultra-Fast File Browsing and Organization

ACDSee Announces ACDSee, a Free Program for Ultra-Fast File Browsing and Organization

ACDSee, known for their fast and capable digital asset management software, has announced ACDSee Free, a totally free application that offers a range of features for culling and managing raw files without needing to import any of them. Read on for what you can expect. 

ACDSee Free comes with a variety of free features, including:

  • Ability to view hundreds of file types, including raw images, videos, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and more with no need to import for quickly sorting and culling photos
  • Create slideshows
  • Batch rotate and flip
  • Share media using SendPix
  • Generate contact sheets and print single images directly from the application
  • Search based on file name and folder contents
  • Sort by image type, size, date taken, or date modified

Altogether, ACDSee Free looks like a great program for quickly culling and managing images, and of course, the best part is that it is free. If you like it, check out Photo Studio Ultimate 2022. Fstoppers readers can use our exclusive discount code FSOP15OFF for an extra $15 off!

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Jacques Cornell's picture

You really ought to mention that this is Windows-only.

James Bruton's picture

I haven't used ACDSee for years. I made the mistake of downloading and installing the program as it was "free". Unfortunately once installed the program would not recognize the drive I store most of my images or any other network drives. A real waste of my time! It was my fault; I got suckered into pressing the clickbait link.

Brendan Kavanagh's picture

At first glance this looks as if it'll be useful for initial sorting and culling of Nefs.
I'm currently using FastStone to do so but I find it a bit cumbersome.
First though, I've got to teach it where to look as its default isn't my default!

Philipp Berndt's picture

FastStone is dated but works great... super fast.

miha zero's picture

Its not actually free and its with advertisment in view window, so kinda defeats the purpose. Also ... in order to use browsing and other more "advanced" features like browser view of images you need to register an account, hence not free. More like we want your data/habits/"feelslikespyware" free then actual free.

Users who pay for full versions have asked for years now give us a viewer/browser without database and cataloguing and all that other stuff and this was supposed to be it. I would actually go and pay for acdsee without those things ... ACDSEE LITE lets call it. It makes me sooo sad that THIS is not it.

Antonio Diaz's picture

Or you can just use Adobe Bridge if you don't like waiting for importing photos.