Add The World's Favourite Color To Your Photographs

Add The World's Favourite Color To Your Photographs

Papermakers G . F Smith, with help from the design agency, Made Thought, conducted a survey seeking the "World's Favorite Color" receiving 30,000 submissions from around the globe via online poll since it was launched in January 2017. The winner was chosen by popular consensus was a shade of green submitted by fine arts graduate Annie Marrs and UNESCO working inspired by the blue, grey, and green tones she saw in the River Tay in Scotland.

The winning color will be called "Marrs Green" and will be featured in a range of paper products. Color experts say that although the shade has been called a green, it would not be incorrect to view it as a shade of blue. Peter Giles, a color adviser at Farrow and Ball said, "It's almost a teal color. You could almost say it (Marrs Green) was more of an aqua color." 

Marrs travelled to Hull yesterday to celebrate the launch of the new color at a pop-up shop in the city center, where well-known British brands such as satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company and Anglepoise lamps were reproduced in the new color. “I found out about it through a friend who showed me the website, it was like a rainbow where you simply selected your favourite color,” said Miss Marrs, who now works as a cultural producer at Leisure and Culture Dundee. “This was back at the start of the year and I had pretty much forgotten about it until I was out on a boat on the River Tay in my home town of Dundee, and there are all those beautiful green, blue tones - some very grey but some really bright and vibrant and deep and rich that dance in the water. So when I got home after being out on the water I made a cup of tea and settled down to pick that perfect shade. I've always loved colours in the green-blue teal family."

The UK-based paper company launched the contest and received submissions from over 100 countries via online poll since it launched in January 2017. The results of 30,000 people were then combined to find out which was color most popular, and Miss Marrs’ shade was the closest to the overall consensus. Marrs Green will now join G.F. Smith’s Colorplan range of papers and is available for use by designers, brands, and individuals. 

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Anonymous's picture

No RGB or CMYK values?

Kyle Medina's picture

Probably not accurate but you can use the PS eyedropper outside PS. The eyedropper was used on the background of room with miscellaneous stuff.

Anonymous's picture

It might be close if your monitor is calibrated. If not, it might not even be in the ballpark. Given the samples (they're all influence by lighting and the color vagaries of whatever camera was used to capture them), I don't think you could know for sure.

Niklas Hantke's picture

Why the heck should it matter if the monitor is calibrated or not?
The calibration takes only effect if you view something on the monitor, but if you pick the same color on an uncalibrated and an calibrated monitor, you will every time get the same color codes.

Anonymous's picture

I agree that makes sense but I've always thought it wasn't that simple. When I have time, I'll test that but the other factors still apply. :-)

Kyle Medina's picture

It's actually is calibrated, FYI.

This was the pantone color of the year circa 2012. This is great advice if you want to copy what's popular instead of inventing it.

Anonymous's picture

You don't think there's room for both? :-/

Dan Howell's picture

maybe my monitor is off, but I don't think Tangerine Tango Pantone's Color of the Year 2012 looks anything like Marrs Green.

However, 2010's PCOY Turquoise is similar. I think the important difference is a color sourcing company making a selection is fundamentally different than an international survey. I'm not taking anything away from the efforts of Pantone, but it is not the same as a survey.

I don't think Pantone's Color of the Year is the same as the world's favorite color. Color of the year is just the color they think is popular.

2013 -, but I think 2005's one is probably the closest (see the individual years one lower on the page). These turquoise/teal colours have been popular for a while now.

There are quite a few 'Color of the Year' - ArchitecturalDigest has a good post covering them all, maybe FS could do something similar?

Jay Jay's picture

Does it really matter if similar colors were colors of the year for previous years? This gives GF Smith Papermakers free advertising in all the photography blogs on the internet. ;)

I guess it's pleasing, but reminds me too much of old spreadsheets!

Dan Howell's picture

I was thinking that it reminds me of a Tiffany's box.