Alien Skin Exposure Announce Major Re-branding

Alien Skin Exposure Announce Major Re-branding

On August 29th, photo editing software company, Alien Skin Exposure, announced a major rebranding initiative. The company is now named Exposure Software, and, naturally, has a new logo plus a new website URL reflecting their major focus on Exposure — the company's creative photo editing product.

The company, founded in 1993, and made famous for its excellent film emulation plugins and filters, has been competing directly with the likes of Adobe's Lightroom, On1 Photo Raw, and Capture One, for a share of the raw photo editing market for a number of years now. A tough pack to be in the middle of, for sure, but they've been making incredible strides over the last couple of years, in no small part to their continued engagement with consumers on how they can improve the software. Fstoppers reviewed Exposure Software's last iteration, Exposure X4, last year, here.

Exposure X4 Introduction

Exposure Software's CEO, Finley Lee, had this to say:

More than just a name change, the new branding initiative reflects the importance of, and
commitment to, making Exposure the best photo editor for creative photographers

These new changes to their branding come as pre-cursors to the publication of a newly designed website and blog to go with the release of Exposure X5 this fall. You can download a free 30-day trial version of Exposure X4, here, or purchase the full version with updates here for $119. If you're already an owner of a previous Exposure edition, you can upgrade to this latest version for just $79.

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Lets see if they introduce C1 plug in... their film emulsions are nicely done, but staying with just Adobe for plugins hm... lets see :) I have standalone version of it as well but would love to see it running in C1 platform for easier workflow :)

Although not an official workflow, “edit in” AS/Exposure from Capture One works fine. I like the film sims much better than any of the official plugins/styles (RNI, Lutify, etc.) I’ve bought for C1.

Seconding what Blessing has to say. Exposure works great as a plugin launched from C1, at least in Windows 10. Definitely encourage folks to give that a try.

I know you can EDIT WITH Exposure from C1 an image by image, which is nice but I would like to apply just certain film look to my whole catalogues as I work in them and that is what interests me more. I usually export from C1 and then edit afterwards in EXPOSURE but would love to see real plug in which can be applied to whole gallery within C1 :) Happy shooting guys

Probably some way to shake off debt.

I always thought that Alien Skin was an odd choice for a company name.