Amazon Launches Photo Printing Service

Amazon Launches Photo Printing Service

Just when you thought Amazon's reach couldn't get any bigger, they've launched a new service: Amazon Prints. With competitive prices, it could be an intriguing alternative, particularly for those who are already Amazon Prime or Drive members. 

Available for Prime or Drive members in the U.S. only, the new service currently offer 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 prints $0.09, $0.58, and $1.79, respectively. 8x11 photobooks are also available, with stationary and calendars to be added soon. Furthermore, standard shipping (3-7 business days) is free with all orders, as is expedited shipping for orders of $15 or more (3-5 business days).

While its quality has yet to be seen, I highly doubt it will replace my personal favorite, Mpix, for professional options and quality. Nonetheless, if the print quality is good, it could make a decent option for affordable bulk printing of personal keepsakes or the like, particularly if you're someone who has taken advantage of Amazon's unlimited photo storage for Prime and Drive members. Prime memberships are $99 per year ($49 for students), while Drive memberships are $59.99 per year for unlimited storage or $11.99 per year for photos only (Prime members get free unlimited photo storage). Check out the new Prints service here

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Will Thomas's picture

50 Free 4x6's to get a basic idea of the quality if anyone is interested code: BABY50FREEPRINTS

Alex Cooke's picture

Thanks for the tip!

Lane Shurtleff's picture

Although not an option for everyone, I use my local COSTCO (which of course is membership driven). But because I know the techs, I have their printer profiles and get pretty good results for basic non-pro related work. They can even do this through the email/mail on their website.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Just tried it out... but the web page hangs on the checkout/finalize payment screen.

Loic Romer's picture

Anyone know if we can make a store to sell our prints? Like SmugMug