Another Day, Another Band Angry at Photographers: Three Days Grace

Another Day, Another Band Angry at Photographers: Three Days Grace

If you've been paying attention to photo news this week you know that concert photographer, Rohan Anderson, was in a little bit of a internet-war with the band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus after they "borrowed" an image for a social media post without credit or compensation. Now it looks like another group is jumping on the bandwagon.

One of Three Days Grace's tour manager band assistants, Shawn Hamm (far less cool than his brother, John) took to Twitter today with a message for concert photographers:


Shawn's tirade continues over on his Facebook page:


The advice he directs to his fellow musicians is particularly disconcerting:

ATTN: ALL BANDS make sure nowadays you make all photographers you approve sign a waver stating you can use the photos of YOURSELF however you want before you approve them to shoot YOUR SHOW! 

Below are is a copy of the post that started this whole mess as well as the conversation between the photographer and the band from PetaPixel.


After the photographer contacted the band about his image he received the following reply:


The band would later publicly respond:

"We believe ALL forms of art should be FREE!"

Before amending the post to:

"We believe most forms of DIGITAL art should be free!"


This certainly isn't the first time we've seen people take photos without permission, compensation, or attribution, but the trend in feeling justified doing so seems to be.

[ Via Felix L. Esser @ The Phoblographer & DL Cade @ PetaPixel]

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Brian Reese's picture

Let's ask Fro Knows Foto... lmao

Why? So he can go on a rant about how it's "just an average concert photo?" then go on an ego trip about his photos?

No, so that you can make negative rhetorical questions.

Fro knows nothing. A failed photographer making youtube videos implying he is successful. If he didn't make money through youtube he'd starve to death depending on his photography income which is slim to none.

Jared seems pretty successful, even if it is at "making youtube videos" and selling merchandise.

Very successful indeed but not as a photographer. As a youtuber and a merchandiser.

He's a much better photographer than you. For one, because he has tact.

Even Google translator failed. Try forming semi coherent sentences next time.

Just post a link to your website here so that we can have a look at your work, mate! If you really are that much better than jared is as you try to tell us here I will apologise to you.. I doubt that though!
Best wishes..

(ps: I think he's Ken Rockwell ;) )

Ok, no worries, mate... I think I already found all that I needed...

©"Akash Patel Photography"

My 13 years old cousin takes better pictures than that. If I was in the shoes of you Akash, I'd let my skill sett overgrow my ego, before i opened my mouth.

When's the last time you were paid to tour with a successful band? When's the last time you were hired to photograph a successful musician? Let's see your work Akash. Is it in Rolling Stone?

Regardless, he's still pretty successful.

Sure he is but not as a photographer. As a youtuber and a merchandiser. If you check out his website and portfolio you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. There is a reason why he is making hundreds and hundreds of videos. He has the time to do it because he has no photography gigs but he implies he is a successful photographer when he is not.

Hmmm we never heard of AkashPatel though? And you are...???!?

Ask your mom. She'll tell you the middle name too.

Look out folks, we have a tough guy here!

Take it easy cowboy. That toy in your hand can do some serious damage.

He's more successful than YOU!

Brian Reese's picture


Maybe we should ask you all instead. Since you're all such established photographers with all your knowledge and experience on commenting in the internet. You're probably a bunch of spoiled kids that still don't know what it's like to make a living. Stop being assholes. Fucking wannabes.

Brian Reese's picture

A Fro fan.

Grab a camera and go outside and play dude, even if it's the iphone your mommy bought you.

Fro himself high on pharmacy drugs.

Zach Sutton's picture

The only thing more ridiculous than Shawn Hamm's comments is the fact that Three Days Grace is still a thing.

J H's picture

I'm no concert photographer or anything but acceptable use guidelines of what BOTH parties are consenting to is dictated by signed contracts. NAPP style stuff: Don't crop or alter in any way the photos that were made that make it impossible to recognize the originator of the photo, no removal of watermarks etc. These are all in the contracts i've made with people i've worked with in the past. Verbal contracts might work with a witness but even in the digital age, signed contracts are almost always iron clad.
I'd wager big bands and even some small bands have such over inflated ego's due to their adoring masses of minions never saying no to them, they are not used to it when someone stands up to them.
No way to know what was agreed to in the spat between band and photographer in writing, but if band violated acceptable use statements in a signed contract that's breach of contract and pursuable under Tort law. It appears the alleged injured party did not resort to legal actions right away so that gives them additional ammo in court. Recent case law regarding public person(s) VS photographer claiming IP infringement indicate the injured party has 3 years from time of discovery to file suit, after that the clock is frozen until the court has heard all arguments.

Three Days what now??

Ericson Joseph's picture

i guess people should download their music for free cause its digital art

Happily, downloading music hurts ditributors and promoters more than the actual artists.

If we could buy digital music DIRECT from the bands, I'd do it. Until then, we shoudn't engross the fat pigs of the industry...

Not only download, but use it in your video's. No worries as long as you leave credit, right?...