BBC Camera Crew Caught by Volcanic Explosion

BBC Camera Crew Caught by Volcanic Explosion

Volcanology is an imperfect and sometimes unpredictable science, as a BBC camera crew learned recently, narrowly escaping with their lives after a close call on Mount Etna.A volcanologist at the site called it the most dangerous incident he had experienced in 30 years. The camera crew was filming a report about the latest achievements in volcano monitoring when a lava flow contacted snow, creating superheated water that caused a steam explosion, launching ultra-hot rocks in the air that then rained down on the group as they ran for cover. 

Thankfully, everyone survived, but eight people were injured, sustaining burns, cuts, bruises, and a dislocated shoulder, with some having to be taken off the mountain by rescue teams. Volcanoes have proven deadly to photographers and videographers before, with the Mount St. Helens eruption being one of the most infamous examples. 

[via PetaPixel and BBC]

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