Homeland Security Lists Ad for Photographer Role Paying $100,000 Salary

Homeland Security Lists Ad for Photographer Role Paying $100,000 Salary

The Department of Homeland Security have listed an ad searching for a photographer for its secretary. Listed on a post to the government’s official employment website USAJOBS, the role is a for a full-time photographer, and sits in the pay scale and grade GS 12. The salary range is between $79,720 to $103,639, and also includes government benefits.

The role follows two similar positions that were recently advertised: a Supreme Court photographer role for $86,460, and a National Park Service job once held by Ansel Adams, for up to $100,000 per annum.

The successful applicant of the Homeland Security job will be based in Washington D.C., producing images and videos for standalone usage, as well as for social media purposes and articles. However, travel may be required (some of which may be by military aircrafts) and you’ll occasionally find yourself on call 24 hours a day.

A Homeland Security spokesperson said, “Just like the National Parks Service position, jobs like this don’t come open very often…The last time this position came open was 2004.”

U.S. citizens can apply for this position until December 29, 2017, and can take this questionnaire to see if they’re eligible.

Lead image by Kaique Rocha via Pexels.

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Thanks for posting this. Just applied :)

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U ain’t getting 100k. I will do it for 50

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That is nowhere near enough money to be on call 24hrs a day you can make more money doing weddings part time

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Not to mention having to live in DC! $80k a year is almost minimum wage there.

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Really?? I thought California was expensive. I'm about to move back to the east coast lol.

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Sounds like fun, but would be a huge pay cut.