Jared Polin Is Giving Away $92,000 in Gear to Schools and Students

Do you know a student or school who deserves a camera kit that will help them discover the joys of photography? Here's how to nominate them to take part in this massive giveaway. 

Jared Polin is giving away an incredible $92,000 in photography equipment in partnership with Canon, ThinkTank, and ProGrade. The initiative, Fund-A-Photographer, was started by Polin in an effort to give students and schools the creative tools to explore the joys and benefits of photography by equipping them with complete kits that include a camera, lens, memory card, bag, and access to education. The idea first came to Polin years ago, but he was recently moved to action after hearing how his first high school photography teacher was forced to personally fund camera kits for his class. He sent an email to Canon, who quickly jumped on board by offering 50 cameras and lenses. 

Anyone can nominate a school or student to receive a kit by filling out the form here. You can also donate gear here.

Polin hopes to continue the program into the future to help bring the many benefits of photography to students. Be sure to take the time to nominate a school or student you think deserves a kit.

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Terry Waggoner's picture

Nice gesture and I will give him the benefit of the doubt............will I watch his videos? I would rather piss on a live electric wire.........

Pan daBear's picture

Funny: that’s exactly what Jared did to get that hairstyle!

Top-notch thing to do, in all honesty.

Philipp Schmid's picture

From the experience of my 10 year old self, I can tell you that with the correct technique you won't feel much.

Edit: why did I write this

Fristen Lasten's picture

Props to Polin.

Marcelo Valente's picture

Nice gesture.

Alex Yakimov's picture

Canon action

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Very cool.