Luminosity Masking Panel Lumenzia V7 Is Released

The renowned luminosity masking panel for Adobe Photoshop is updated with new additions to its interface and new features.

Lumenzia is one of the most popular luminosity masking tools that is used as a panel inside Photoshop. With luminosity masks, you can blend multiple images with different exposures, especially when dealing with landscape and architectural photos. Using luminosity masks allows you to create custom masks and selections based on the bright and dark areas over the image. By using these masks and selections, you can blend different layers and create realistic high-dynamic range images.

In V7 of the panel, creator Greg Benz added several new features such as the new dynamic interface, precision slider, value slider, and new mask levels that allows users to create more precise selections. With the precision slider, the mask strength can be adjusted easily, while the new value slider allows fine tuning between darker and lighter tones. In addition to 30 new features, more than 100 existing features are updated and the bugs from previous releases are fixed.

Lumenzia can be used with Photoshop CS6 and newer versions, but the latest release requires Photoshop CC. If you want to learn more about Lumenzia V7 and see the complete release notes, you can visit the product page.

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Jay Jay's picture

Hands down, *the* best and most useful plug in for Photoshop. For editing photos, nothing beats this for producing perfectly exposed, or at least as close to perfect, as Lumenzia.

Robert Teague's picture

It seems to be not as full featured, nor as flexible as TKActions.

David Penner's picture

Ill be updating my version once I get home tomorrow. Some of the new features will definitely make my life easier.

Alex Armitage's picture

For someone who pretty much just uses your typical 18 luminosity masks, it might be time I update to this decade lol.

Greg Benz's picture

Nice article, thanks Burak!

Carl Irjala's picture

You are the first here at FStoppers Mr. Erzincanli who managed to get me to buy something that is recommended here. So now is it time to get started and learn to something new.
Thanks for sharing!

Burak Erzincanli's picture

Thanks Carl! I'm a Lumenzia user myself and I definitely recommend it, I almost use it on my every retouching session

Deleted Account's picture

I've been using ADP Pro from Aaron Downling. Tried TKActions as well as Lumenzia and, IMHO, ADP Pro is far superior. You can check it out at