Adobe Updates Chromebook Applications, Eyes the Classroom

Adobe Updates Chromebook Applications, Eyes the Classroom

As technology continues to work its way into the classroom more and more, Adobe is helping to lead the charge by releasing an updated suite of software designed specifically for students. 

Beginning this month, updated Android applications will be available for Chromebooks for free to coincide with the two new Chromebooks geared toward students and beta program announced by Google. Chromebooks have seen a surge in popularity, particularly in the education sector, where their low cost and connectivity suits them well to mass rollouts in the classroom. As such, Adobe is gearing the release especially toward educational users – a move in response to a study done by the company that shows a correlation between technology and creativity and future student success. The study found that 75 percent of students aged 11-17 and 88 percent of teachers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany find creativity as "essential to students' future careers" and that 90 percent of students and 76 percent of teachers found technology essential to being properly prepared for careers. 

Mark Ruper, Senior Director of Education at Adobe, notes:

As a company, our goal is to empower every student to be a lifelong creator, and having our free mobile apps on Chromebooks helps us reach millions more students who can bring their ideas to life."

Chromebook users can download the apps from the Google Play Store. Here's the full list available:

As a teacher myself, I find I am constantly evolving to the increasing presence and capability of technology in the classroom. Hopefully, this will be a great boon for creativity and education!

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