[News] A Post-Apocalyptic Series That Shares Filmmaking Tutorials

I am a sucker for any post-apocalyptic story. So "Yay!", for The Silent City. A new web series in the works that centers around 1 man along in a broken and empty New York City (a dream of mine, ever since I moved here :P). Why do you as a filmmaker care? Well, the series will include filmmaking tutorials on things like: how to turn an actor into a zombie, how to create a destroyed Empire State Building using 3D effects software and what ever else takes, director Rubidium Wu's fancy, along the way. See the trailer and first BTS tutorial below and be sure to leave your comments.
Have you ever wanted to be a zombie?
Then check out The Silent City KickStarter page, where a donation can make your dream come true.

"Welcome to New York City.
Population: 01
When an unexplained event decimates the human race, the survivors fight for their lives in the ruins of civilization. A new take on the post-apocalyptic road movie, The Silent City explores a world where one wrong turn can mean the extinction of the species. Check out our kickstarter page and help us make this project a reality. All contributors get access to a VFX/film tutorial every week."


BTS Tutorial

via [KickStarter]
From Kenn:
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Sean Shimmel's picture

Cleanly technical work rendering the classic Empire State Building. Masterful detail.

I was, however, hopping for more drama in the promo itself, especially as it's to serve as a teaser.