[News] WTF!? Another Reason I Won't Shoot Weddings.

It's no secret, I hate shooting weddings. I've always felt that way and then Lee took me on an actual wedding gig and confirmed two things. 1) I really do hate shooting weddings and 2) I'm pretty shitty at it. They are way too much work, way too many creative restrictions, way too little lighting options and way to many guys and gals running around with cameras, far better than mine, pretending to be photographers. Don't even get me started on the potential for having to deal with bride-zillas. And now this story caught my eye, where a client is suing a studio for missing the last 15 minutes of his wedding. Sounds reasonable, you say? Well get this: not only was the wedding done in 2003, but the client is also divorced and is suing to have the whole wedding reinacted for $48,000 plus the original $4100 fee. Studio owner Dan Fried says that the cost of defending themselves in court has already matched the sum demanded by Remis (the client), and calls the case “...an abuse of the legal system.” I can't wait to see all your comments on this one, so leave them below.
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From Kenn:
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C's picture

Hey FS. Love yalls site. I totally agree, I hate weddings and or anything of that nature. Wont do it. @avfreq:twitter 

The photog should file a counter suit for damages and cost of legal aid.

This is an abuse of the legal system but it does make a hilarious story. Can't wait to hear how this ends. 

Andrew Keane's picture

Hopefully the photographer will win and will  be awarded legal costs from this selfish %$#@^%#

Yeah, I'm interested to know what happens here.  I agree that he should file a counter-suit.  It really takes a lot of crazy to demand the whole wedding be reenacted eight years after the wedding when he's not even with the bride anymore!  Any judge with half a brain would throw the case out, or award a counter-suit to the photographer.  Don't you think this has damaged the photographers reputation?  Honestly, I'd like him to chime in here!  

unbelievable, yet very believable.

Martin Booth's picture

 As posted in the F*** You pay me video recently, this is why contracts are super super important for working professionals.
Really hope the photog can get his money back on all this.

I REALLY miss the time to solve some f*ggy questions like that (why do you think she got divorce from this idiot ... huh?), you go there punch this mofo (look his face is PERFECT to be a sand bag!) several time ... broke an arm or two and wait for any reaction. Well, means still ready to be punched again ...
Well ... for some of you will come and say: "VIOLENCE doesn't solve anything" I will send the question back as " IF this (other) mofo of this judge - who allows the case run - was doing this AGAINST YOU, and you lost to buy the new CANON (huh? huh?) ... one couple of hundred punches won't resolve? REALLY?  

The Dark Room Co.'s picture

this qualifies as insane.

Kai Plews's picture

Almost every photographer I know has a wedding horror story. It seems like a right of passage. My not so close friends and family stopped asking me to do it when I told them I'd do it for $15,000. I do have a great respect for the determined/crazy folks who do weddings for a living its a tough racket.

I love the first line to your response haha.  I'm gonna quote you on that someday.

Stupid is as stupid does... who leaves a wedding 15 min before it was over??? i don't think either party is right in this matter but who am i to say....
I agree with Kenn... DONT SHOOT WEDDINGS!!! Drink more beer play more poker and forget about marriage in general hahhha...

It's a pretty good thing that in Quebec there is a law against "personal right abuse".

Basically, if someone is within their right but want to apply that right just for shits and giggles, well the judge will not side with that person. Even within their rights...

We may live in "the north" and play hockey, but we don't have those dumbass situation hahaha!

Kenn Tam's picture

Ya man, I miss home. :P

I'm with you OP. Weddings DOOOOO suck unless its yours. Everything you mentioned is true. HATE HATE HATE weddings. My brother had his wedding and even he was acting like a jerk and he likes me.  The shots are basically meaningless to them with an exception of a few yet they want you to shoot a zillion meaningless photos of weird looking people and a bride that doesn't even really look that hot with her prom hair style. And then you see the groom acting like a d-bag or some kind of wannabe wallstreet tycoon. The photographer gets to hear and see all the REAL personalities before people fake it up for the crowd.

I would prefer to shoot brides and grooms solo, before or after their wedding date. Plus I'm a guy, and most guys are not going to shoot weddings as good as women of the same skill level. Why? Because we honestly don't give a crap about the bead work on your boring, looks like everyone else's, dress. Now there is an exception to this but not many.

I would bet my sexy fuji x100 most wedding shooters would prefer to be shooting for Vogue or some other magazine but can't or don't believe they have the skill but they want to make money behind the camera because they love photography, thus they shoot weddings.

I have seen Lee's interior photography and honestly, he needs to be shooting some of that stuff too. 

"he also complained that the photographs were “unacceptable as to color, lighting, poses, positioning”
Then choose another studio when you're hiring people, or shoot it yourself.

"Mr. Remis, an equity research analyst" Clearly he's a true artist that would know good color, lighting, and poses if they hit him in the face.  Positioning is just another B.S term for someone who doesn't understand wedding photography for crap.

"and that a video, which he had expected to record the wedding’s six hours, was only two hours long."

Videos get edited occasionally, news to you entitled analyst.

"Mr. Remis’s lawyer works for Goodwin Procter, where Mr. Remis’s father, Shepard M. Remis, is a litigation partner. The younger Mr. Remis has testified that he is paying his lawyer himself. "

Entitled. I was more right than I thought.

He hasn't been employed for 3 years... and is paying $50,000 legal fees? Either that (which I highly doubt) or they're only charging him something ludicrously low like $1 an hour since his father is a head honcho there.

“I had a good life, thank God,” Curt Fried said, “and at the end of my life this hits me in the face.”

Couldn't say that any better.

Just want to end it with:
"Mr. Fried said Mr. Remis left the studio in 2004 with 400 proofs — essentially small photographs used for selecting a few dozen photographs for the album; Mr. Remis claims “the office kept everything.”

But a 2004 magazine published by Mr. Remis’s alma mater, Bowdoin College, which is also online, displays a photograph of the bride and groom in a feature on alumni weddings.

Mr. Fried said it was a photograph his firm took. "

Wow. Can't really explain the hubris in this one.

Patrick Hall's picture

Ha it's crazy so many people are hating on weddings...if you are prepared (experienced), personable, and hire assistants there should be no reason any wedding should be stressful.  Hopefully our wedding series about to launch  will make shooting weddings less prone to failure :)

Kenn Tam's picture

I hate everything I'm bad at. If I was good at shooting weddings, I'm sure I would love them. :P

Patrick Hall's picture

it's funny when people say they are "bad" at them.  Does that mean they are bad at photography in general?  Weddings to me are 50% photo journalism or sports shooting and 50% lighting portraits.  Doesn't seem that tough to nail half of it if you aren't a pro wedding photographer

Kenn Tam's picture

I like being the boss and at a wedding, you're not. Im bad at not being the boss and not being able to do things my way. :P

this analogy isn't valid.

Wedding photography seems to me like school. I can do a whole bunch of differential equations at home and find the answers no problem. for some reason, when I sit down in from of the exams the teacher ALWAYS throw a curve ball (polite way to say "shit he didn't cover during class").

I CAN shoot sports, I CAN shoot portraits, but I hate the hole idea of running around to not miss anything. I like to be on my own pace...  Doesn't means I'm a bad photographers (which I aint a pro either...not by a long shot) or that I suck at maths either...

Samuel Joubert's picture

Hahaha I hated weddings at first as well! The more you shoot them, the more you are prepared and you actually start to appreciate it... It is always the same thing! Turns out I am now shooting some in France every year :)

My studio had a horror story too. The video assistant put video lights too close to the ceiling and the sprinkler system. Well turns out you cannot shut off the sprinklers if they go off, only fire department can do it. And they showed up like 20m later. 

EVERYTHING was covered with water, the bride, all the tables, the cake, most of the guests, all band equipment. There was so much water it started dripping to the floor downstairs. The wedding was ruined.  

The studio got sued for 60K, insurance paid it all off thank god. 

Kenn Tam's picture

Wow! And that water sits in the pipes so it usually comes out black. Man this is a great comment cause it's a good thing for wedding shooters to keep in mind.

Mr. Nuyoka's picture

Oh Wow!

I Worked at H&H in the summer of 2003 when they were on the corner of 259th street in Riverdale.

I had nothing to do with his pics but I do agree with him, they were very sloppy so I'm not surprised they messed up on delivering the goods.

Do they deserve to pay the ridiculousness amount in question and entertain his loony recreation of wedding 2.0 ?

Absolutely not.

But this comment does make me wonder:

"As an attorney, I can tell you this story is skewed. This lawsuit was probably filed with multiple causes of action including breach of contract & tort. The issue is a question of damages: are your wedding photos worth only the $4100 paid, or should you get consequential damages (ie, compensation for all the harm caused by the negligent act). Its a 1st year law school exercise in Remedies class--see "the case of the hairy hand." Having the wedding physically recreated is obviously not going to happen, but the issue is how to compensate for the inexcusable failure to capture a priceless moment? If you are happily married, wouldnt your wedding photos be one thing you would run into your burning home to save? in other words, are they worth only $4100? If you have a pet you adopted at the shelter for $15 and someone negligently kills it, does he only have to pay you $15? Should you get more? Why?"

CA.I would have just fired my lawyer already, the lawyers fees are more than what its being asked for already.

Patrick Hall's picture

what does "capturing a priceless moment" mean though?  Should that moment be a snapshot or should it be a work of art?  No one knows how good or bad the photos were but geez a memory is a memory.  I feel like what we do as wedding photographers is glamorize the moment so much that we skew the memory in the first place.  Most of the moments we capture in a well crafted image never looked nearly as glamorous in real time or from the eyes of those who experienced the moment.  

If the photography is only worth <$10,000 then why are we charging so little? 

F that guy, for real... I hate shooting weddings too, and if anyone ever pulls that on me I'm giving up the hobby... Permanently 

Strange, but semms nobody mention One really important thing! It might be that I'm too idealist, but I always tell my wedding couples to "don't forget, that these pictures are only memories, it IS NOT the marriage IT IS NOT the happyness itself". So I think everybody has to shame himself making more fuss about the circumstanes than the actually Love and Marriage and so on

Laurian Ene's picture

So am I the only one that thinks that although the case is ridiculous, having it heard and judged on is not? 

What is really ridiculous is the fact that they need to have that expensive lawyer to defend themselves even in such a ridiculous case. This sort of case shouldn't even need a lawyer in my opinion unless there are unknown facts to us that would explain why he wouldn't sue for the last 7 years. 

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