Photoshop's Content-Aware Tool Is About to Get a Major Upgrade

The Content-Aware Fill tool in Photoshop is nothing short of magic when it works, but that can be hit or miss depending on what it has to work with in the image and what you're trying to get rid of. Adobe is giving the feature a major upgrade, and you can see a preview of it here.

Content-Aware Fill is pretty nifty and can save a ton of time in creating a convincing result when it works. If it doesn't, there's not much leeway in terms of manual adjustment; most of the time, you simply reselect the area and run it again to see if you get a better result. Adobe in changing all that in an upcoming release, which will introduce the Content-Aware Workspace. In this workspace, you'll be able to control things like rotation adaptation and mirroring and will even have an option to output the results to a new layer. You'll also be able to control the sampling area if you want to force Photoshop to mimic a certain part of the image when it creates the fill. It looks like the new feature could be a major time-saver. Check out the video above to see it in action. 

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user-156929's picture

I hope it works well. I'm rarely able to use Content Aware as is.

Anthony Cayetano's picture

Lovely. But when is the intelligent Selection Tool coming as well?

stir photos's picture

okay, cool.... right on, i've never used 'content aware', maybe i'll check it out. i used the hell out of the pen tool at an old job tho. haha! #OhTheIronyForMe :)

Sorcery! Nice.

Johnny Rico's picture

Some guy in the PetaPixel comments did the same selection off of a screen grab and the old content aware patched it up just fine lolol

John Skinner's picture

If you're struggling with content fill now.. just give up. Between clone, content aware, we are able to do just about anything. I'm bewildered they would work on a feature that doesn't need work.