[Pics] Amatuer Photographer is Playing with Fire

Tom Lacoste is a 23 year old, color blind, French student at the Bordeaux Circus School in Southern France for juggling, acrobatics and hand-balancing. And despite the fact that he has no ambitions to be a professional photographer, his artistry and creativity were more than enough to turn out these brilliantly hot images.

Tom Lacoste: "I use a 5dmkI, which is cheaper than more recent full frame cameras, and some fixed focal lenses. For long exposure shots, I use a tripod, but I don’t need any filters, flashes or special tools when I take the pictures. Post processing is more complex : for most of my pictures I use Lightroom, and for the fire shots, I use DxO, which is more basic, but has better warm hues. I usually do two versions from each raw, with different exposure values, and then I merge them as layers in Photoshop, to use all the original light range.
I do some montages, but rarely, and I often plan them before or during the shooting, to produce images easy to merge. My last work with fire curtains was done in long exposure, with a self made instrument involving a very big wick, and without any digital trick."

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Tom Lacoste: "Fire is my main subject, and it was my first love in photography because, at the beginning, what you see on the screen is nothing you could imagine at the moment when you’re taking the picture," says Lacoste. "Besides, I’m color-blind, and the natural colors of fire are easier to see for me than other hues of the spectrum."

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Speaking as a fire photographer, Tom is, in my estimation, in the top five worldwide for fire shots. 

Brilliant work.  I spent the last 20 yrs doing Special Effects for the entertainment industry and these are awesome.  Fire is not easy to work with or capture.  He's definitely on top of his game.

Simply amazing!

Jessica Rutledge's picture


Chapeau c tres impressionant 

Andrew Keane's picture

These are bloody amazing!!!!

If he is an amateur and I'm a Pro, I feel pretty crappy right now....

The Dark Room Co.'s picture

hot stuff


Rutger Vermeulen's picture

Just one word: Awsome!!

romain vernede's picture

génial !!

Angela Corrias's picture

If Tom is an amateur photographer, I wonder how are professional shots..