See NYC Days and Nights Combined into One Glorious Frame

See NYC Days and Nights Combined into One Glorious Frame

Every now and then a cool photo series makes the rounds on the internet and it's hard to miss. But because I like to play it safe and Stephen Wilkes's "Day and Night" exhibit is too awesome to miss I had to post it.

Stephen spends no less than 10 hours shooting each New York City landmark until he captures the perspectives of both day and night, to be combined into a single frame.

If you're in the city you can catch Stephen's exhibit at Chelsea’s Clamp Art Gallery from September 8 to October 29.

Central Park
Washington Square
Gramercy Park

Park Avenue
Time Square

via [MyModernMet] [DailyMailOnline]
From Kenn:
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Sean Shimmel's picture

These are the posts I most enjoy... all about resourceful vision. I'm all for an endless supply of brand new gear, but it's the unique way a particular artist sees that intrigues me most (see F-Stoppers posts on Sally Mann or Helmut Newton). Helmut most often used the Auto button on his camera. 

I really love the concept of the series. The central Park Image, I love it. To me it is the most successful image of the series. And the Flatiron looks great too. However, the rest the images the effect is off for me. I just feel they sort of come off as looking like a strange attempt with an hdr image. I think it is the sky. I love the buildings and lights at night and wish stephen masked the sky to be day with the lights still on.

Quentin Decaillet's picture

The final images are great! It would be quite interesting seeing a BTS of those pictures. 

Golgo Thirteen's picture

SO FREAKIN DOPE. Love unique artists.

Very inspiring. I would love to see am image with  dominant foreground subject - a sculpture for example. Imagine the fun (and frustration) you could have blending the different exposures.
School Ball Photography

why. didnt. i. think. of. THIS?! ARGH, some of these images are so incredible!

Kenn Tam's picture

I hate that feeling.  When you see a shot or series and go, "Damn it!  Why didn't I do that?".  Most of the time it's so simple.  Just comes down to getting off our asses and exploring concepts more.  You me and the boys should start brainstorming more. :P

Gotta know... How'd they do that!!!???

Gotta know... HOW'D THEY DO THAT??!!! AMAZING WORK!!!

Wao!!! Work of ark. What an excellent idea and execution. Thanks for the post FS.

Jaymes Poudrier's picture

Someone NEEDS to do this with video! :)

I love these pictures !

George Socka's picture

so here it is 2013 and this post from a year ago is featured? Why?

Keith Walters's picture

A little BTS. I saw this a few months back... so cool.

Wil Fry's picture

(Weird that this was on the front page of Fstoppers. I didn't realize till I saw the comments that it was at least three years old.)

It's still cool though. I'd like to see more of a contrast on a few of them. Day isn't that close to night in brightness, not even to the naked eye.

Jeremy Sale's picture

I'm definitely stealing this idea, but I can't imagine improving it at all.