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Topaz Adjust AI Is a One-Stop Shop for Vivid Photos

The latest Topaz Labs release to leverage the power of machine learning is Adjust AI, a photo editor that can automatically bring out color and detail in your images.

Topaz Labs calls Adjust AI a photo editor “created for everyone.” They believe professionals will have use for it in speeding up workflows to cut through many images that need to be processed, and beginners will be able to achieve results that surpass their own ability in photo editing. Adjust AI is available to use as a standalone program on Mac and Windows and can also be integrated into Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom as a plugin.

The editor has three modes: a manual mode with no AI adjustments, a standard AI auto-adjust mode, and an AI HDR auto-adjust mode. Adjust AI also brings in Topaz Clarity under the Dynamic menu to fine-tune the shadows and highlight in an image, and Topaz Detail under the Detail menu to work with image sharpness. Users also have the option to use presets that come with the software, or create and save their own for a repeatable look and style.

Topaz Adjust AI interface.
Topaz Adjust AI presets sample.

From now until July 8, 2019, Adjust AI is on sale for $59.99, with a standard price tag of $79.99 after. There is a free trail offered through the Topaz Labs website to try before you buy.

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Sue G's picture

How does this comare to NIK ?

alexdesalta's picture

I tried the software and I think it's good, but it's not as flexible as using a couple of layers in Capture One Pro. Thank you for the video Ryan.

Viktor Wågman's picture

most pepole that use Capture One Pro dont want any AI in Capture One Pro. why i dont know..

Sam David's picture

I am a long time Topaz user and Adjust AI is one of their best. I appreciate that all of the AI products seem to run slowly because of the program sizes, but I also note that with the updates the speed does seem to increase. With Adjust AI I like that even in the fully auto mode I have a lot of options to adjust what the program determines is "best," which I sometimes find too vivid. Another win for Topaz.