[Video] Kai Man Wong & Eric Kim Dress Up for Some Street Action

[Video] Kai Man Wong & Eric Kim Dress Up for Some Street Action

Ironically, DigitalRev's Kai Man Wong hits the streets of Hong Kong with well known analog street shooter Eric Kim. Kai and Eric end up kicking it old school with film cameras, Leica M6 & M2, and even try to get into the spirit of their camera's time periods by dressing up. As always Kai's video is humorous, entertaining and litered with nuggets of good to know info.

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I'm going to be in Hong Kong this May and this looks like so much fun I'm going to have to try it myself. Though I suspect with my odd looks I won't need to dress up. If you're in the area and have any must do, must see recommendations for me, leave them in the comments below. And if you are the intrepid sort, let's meet up over lunch or drinks.
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On camera flash, really?  I thought it actually ruined most of the shots.  Liked 90% of Kai's better.

Jens Marklund's picture

Think the staged street photography is more upsetting then a flash. But then again, why care. It's his way of doing it.

I like this site but it tends to lack on the knowledge of street photography. On camera flash is used , look up the VANITY FAIR photographer Larry Fink. One of the worlds most noted photographers does this, and his name is 
Steve McCurry.  
Scott Schuman is another that is VERY well known and respected as a photographer, and he stages most if not all of his work.

I just don't think many of the viewers of this site know the big movers and shakers in photography. That's not a diss to the average view here, but judging from the posts that receive the most comments, this site's viewer tends to not be those into fine art, or fashion, but more towards commercial and wedding. Nothing wrong with that, but just and observation.

Here is Larry Fink using on camera flash.


Yup, on camera flash IS used by some, but that doesn't mean we have to LIKE it surely?   Many people will probably know Scott Schuman better via his blog name (The Sartorialist), again, yes his is staged, but his work isn't really street photography, it's more fashion photography, taken on the street.   I guess it's still street photography, but it's more than just that...

If everyone did things the same way I guess it'd be pretty boring out there...