Behance Has Updated Your Profile

Behance Has Updated Your Profile

Showcasing your work as a creative has always been an important aspect of your job. You’re showing your work, and it’s important to do this right. Behance is trying to facilitate this need with their new profiles.

Behance was bought by Adobe 6 years ago, just after Behance launched the ability to use your web domain as an address and for you to use it as your portfolio manager. It’s now Adobe Portfolio, and it’s a way to share your work. You can still link your work on Behance through to your portfolio and display what you want at any given time, and depending on the client you are sharing it with, but it doesn't have the social ability Behance as a platform has. And let’s be frank, social networks is where your work is liked, shared, and fits into feeds and people's daily lives.

If you subscribe to Adobe CC you have Behance and Adobe Portfolio included. Now, they have updated the look and feel of the profile pages. They have also had stories for a while, trying to do the same as Instagram, Snap, and YouTube have done. You can upload a header image, and the general idea is for you to have the option of sending clients directly to your Behance profile. There they’ll be able to see your work, your interaction and your Behance Awards, and if they are Behance users, follow you.

What's more, is that to search categories, they’ve changed to using hashtags, so it’s possible to search #photography, or #architecture now, which makes it much more interactive. It works like most sites using hashtags does now. The project thumbnails are also larger, which is great for image-based social networks. 

I like the change, and I think they have realized there is a lot of potential with the social aspect of creative work, and like Github and Dribbble are the social networks for User Interface Design and Graphic Design, they’re trying to be a creative hub for all the creatives making work they want the world to see.

The only think I don't like is that the top banner image has very strange dimensions. I don’t know how it all will integrate with each other, but I don’t think it’s going to be a sudden change. It’s going to change slowly, and, according to me the new Behance profile is the start of it all.

What portfolio platform do you use? 

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Reagan Pufall's picture

does anyone with any self respect actually use behance?

Deleted Account's picture

I can't speak on its use in photography but I know for certain that it's a very important part of the graphic design industry. Even more for those who are starting to network in the advertising world.

Glem Let's picture

My thoughts exactly....

Creatives I work for don’t DONT use social media to hire people... more often they browse it on the way home to see what Styles are trending and ‘where it’s at...’

They have their lists, their fave’s ofcreatives work they like and consider hiring...

The only thing they use Adobe for (other than software is stock).

Dave Terry's picture

I am a creative director and have hired two incredibly talented people because I found their work on Behance. Both are now making about 25% more money than the local average for graphic designers. Real "creatives" do not limit themselves to pretentious ideas about where talent "should" be found.

Glem Let's picture

A good point Dave....

Graphic designers not photographers.

Christian Möhrle's picture

Sorry for the dumb Question, but why shouldn't I use behance?

olivier borgognon's picture

Would love to see your portfolio @reagan Pufall & @Glem Let to understand more in depth in which field you're both in and how this can maybe affect the fact of using or not using Behance.

Basically if someone is on Instagram or facebook, I would argue that there is more self-respect to be on behance than on both other platforms, but that would be my humble point of view.

Deleted Account's picture

Reagan is a fine art creative so Behance's commercial appeal wouldn't make sense for him. Doesn't lower the horse he road in here on though.

Glem Let's picture

What has showing your work got to do with your opinion....?

Anyone can have their opinion... AND see other people’s opinions and accept their point of view, even if it’s totally opposite to your own...

It has nothing at all to do with your work....

So my point of view annoys you... but if I’d just shot an amazing campaign for a mega band and put it on here, it would what...? Somehow make you agree with me...? Or disagree with me less...?

olivier borgognon's picture

I appreciate your opinion, although you may have taken it differently, on which unfortunately I can't do anything about.

I do certainly consider all platforms as equally good or bad for whoever feels that they have a need or desire to use them. One mans' meat is another mans' poison.

My path has lead me to quit all my social media platforms except behance which I use to enjoy artistic work, may it be commercial or creative, and when I have the opportunity to just ask someone to see their portfolio, it is just for the joy of such discovery.

My question was genuine with a sincere interest interest in both your work, to discover new people, new photographers, artists.

On my question to see both your portfolios, I don't really understand how this could be an issue and why you're getting on your high horses.

Is it not acceptable to ask someone to see their work ? Can't we just live in the present moment and not overthink or assume what is not ?

Leaving all social media has taught me a lot, and one is of just living the moment, with no judgment, no criticism, just questions, discussions, thoughts... and not diminishing anyone or anything as we are all living our personal legend.

Should you feel like you would like to share what you do, for the pleasure of doing so, i'd love to see both your work, should you decide not to, I understand, no worries.

Have a luminous day.

Studio 403's picture

I have used behance. One beef I have with adobe, once you upload a photo, you cannot download the same photo, This is so quirky and in some ways unbelieveale Adobe would build a pathetic platform like this. BOO adobe