Worry About the Story Because Your Camera Is Fine

Even in today’s world where all the information you’ve ever wanted is in the palm of our hand, we still get caught up in the latest and greatest tech and forget about what most important — the story. We all go through stages where it’s easier to make the excuse that you’ll start putting out better work once you buy a specific piece of gear or you’ll start practicing your video work once you get that gimbal you’ve been safe keeping in your online shopping cart. We just need to spend more hours behind the camera constantly shooting than daydreaming about the gear that we’ll have soon.

All this time we are making excuses when we could be building a better foundation for ourselves so that when we do get that gear we are lusting for we’ll be able to use it better. This is exactly the message Music Video Director and YouTuber YCImaging is trying to get across. Even though he uses his channel as a platform to review different products and discuss his gear choices, he still relies on the basics to produce great content in his field. Lighting, composition, and story all come before the camera that we use. We all should remember that a video shot on an iPhone with an experienced director is going to be better than a half-written story on a RED Epic.

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Michael Kim's picture

If you find a 'story' in one of my photos, please inform me what it is...

Campbell Sinclair's picture

Thats why all the DXO bollocks and 'micro contrast' crap just makes me want to puke. It wont make you understand composition or get a picture in focus or even edit properly.