Amazon Keeps Sending Me a Children's Game Instead of a $1,000 Camera Tripod

Amazon Keeps Sending Me a Children's Game Instead of a $1,000 Camera Tripod

Unless Gitzo has really changed up their tripod product lineup, I think something peculiar might happening over at Amazon.

Last Sunday I ordered a Gitzo GT5543LS tripod off Amazon. It was marked as sold directly by Amazon, not a third-party seller, and was shipped via Prime two-day. On Wednesday, what I found sitting on my doorstep after the UPS driver doorbell ditched was quite unexpected. Rather than a decently weighted brown Amazon box, I saw a Giant Kerplunk children’s game.

My first thought was that a neighbor had put it there, but sure enough it had a shipping label slapped on it addressed to me. Confused, the next thing I noticed on the flimsy box barely held together was a label: “Gitzo GT5543LSUS lightweight Systematic.” Uh oh.

After requesting a replacement, today was the big day where I’d finally get to go out and start using the new tripod being delivered. After another classic doorbell ditch from UPS, things looked good as Amazon had the courtesy to actually use a shipping box this time. And it looked like it was big enough for the Gitzo! Picking it up, however, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. Too light. Sure enough, inside was another Giant Kerplunk.

First delivery

Second delivery

Unfortunately, with Amazon being the juggernaut that it is, it’s not like I can just call up the warehouse and talk to someone who can do anything to directly fix the problem I’m having. Instead, I’m left filling out automated refund and replacement forms that are obviously not getting me anywhere closer to having that beautiful Gitzo in my hands.

Immediately my mind goes to the vlogger ChaseOnTwoWheels who earlier this year twice received a box of rocks from Amazon instead of the $5,499 Canon 1D X Mark II he ordered directly from them. Luckily for him, everything seemed to work out in the end.

I guess I better make the most of it while the saga continues…

Have you run into similar issues? I can see being sent the wrong model number, but a completely different product, multiple times at that, is a new one for me. Comfort me in the comments below.

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Just a thought, stop ordering camera gear from Amazon?? All I see is horror stories. Buy from a, I don't know, CAMERA SHOP????

I don't see an issue with it. I actually ordered my D850 from them as they were the only ones that had it in stock. Got it the next day, works perfect and priced the same as the camera stores that had it on back order. The reason that all you see is horror stories is because that's when people write posts about them, they don't tend to post when things go well.

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Why do you need a $1000 tripod?

I used to work for a very large industrial/plumbing distributor (the name rhymes with splFerguson) and in our distribution centers, you got WHATEVER was in the actual warehouse bin location that shows up in their system, no matter what you actually ordered.... I can't tell the number of times I ordered multi thousand dollar valves and received faucets and toilets.

I suspect someone just had this in the wrong bin location...

My advice: shoot them a tweet to @amazonhelp. I've found that they respond much faster to situations through that account.