Amazon Responds to the Guy Who Got a Box of Stones Instead of a $6,000 Camera

If you missed the original story, it was about a guy who ordered a $6,000 Canon 1D X Mark II from Amazon and got a box of stones instead. After he got a "replacement," this time two bricks, the retailer responded with a result from their investigation.

Amazon said they've been delegating the processing of this inventory item (and maybe others) to a third party, although on your screen it says "Sold by Amazon." The proxy seemed to have lots of spare stones and bricks around, that they had decided to make some cash out of them, but got busted. The corporation doesn't share much detail on the case, but says they have taken the necessary legal actions. They've returned the money to the buyer and gave him a $1,000 gift card. The unfortunate vlogger got fortunate by purchasing his Canon 1D X Mark II camera from B&H instead and opened the box live during the recording of this video. No surprises, no drama. There was a camera in there, as expected.

Although he had that unpleasant experience with Amazon, he said he would still spend money there, but probably on items that are much cheaper. The vlogger hopes he won't make any such videos in the future, but will focus on the topic their channel was meant for.

How will Amazon make sure this won't happen again? Will they change their policy regarding "Sold by Amazon," and will they make an official announcement about that?

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Tony Clark's picture

I'm happy that the story ended well but if you refer to previous videos...have a link to video 1 and video 2.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

I referred to the original story here on Fstoppers. This video contains footage from the first and second videos also and there's no need to watch the full first and second videos.

Spy Black's picture

Not for nuthin', but is Amazon simply gonna be off the hook for that "Sold by Amazon" bullshit? Shouldn't there be some kind of investigation into that?

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

"The proxy seemed to have lots of spare stones and bricks around, that they had decided to make some cash out of them, but got busted."

"The corporation doesn't share much detail on the case, but says they have taken the necessary legal actions."

Spy Black's picture

That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Amazon lying about the whole "Sold by Amazon" thing. It's false advertising. That's separate from that.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

I am sure they've got that legally covered up in the counless pages with terms and conditions. That's probably done via some "Amazon franchise"-like sellers which formally will not be a "3rd party" but "Amazon." That's what I think happens.

Spy Black's picture

It's total bullshit tho, and they'll probably continue doing it unscathed.

Pedro Pulido's picture

every company does mistakes. i'd say they had a shitty experience with an unreliable service provider... they got exposed bigtime and for sure they've learned their lesson the hard way. I'd like to think they've terminated their contract with this 3rd party company and have moved to other partnerships.
They owned their mistake, are taking legal action and gave the customer a 1000usd gift card. i'd say there's not much to discuss after that...

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

He's actually wondering if there would be other cases like that. Yes, their compensation was decent, but we, as users, are left with lots of questions after that. They're still my preferred online store for books though.

They still sell books? ;-)

Why do you prefer them for books?

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

Because I'm a "special case." Don't take my decision "as an example," as I'm on the other side of the pond. The books that I'm usually interested in (all-around-DIY and idea books) are available in the UK's Amazon. No customs taxes when I order from them. If I were in the US, I would have far more options, as you do guys, including local physical stores. I buy my gear from local stores where I can go in and talk to people in person, touch the gear, and eventually purchase it.

Spy Black's picture

You're missing my point. Amazon claimed the product was "Sold by Amazon". It wasn't. That's false advertising. They're not taking a hit for it. That's the problem. They're not being held accountable for false advertising.

Disgusting, isn't it?

Pedro Pulido's picture

at the scale amazon works, it honestly doesn't surprise me. as someone has already said, there must be something in the terms&conditions that allow them to lie like that. i understand what your saying, but in all honesty, a big majority of the big companies lie in their marketing. people just haven't found out yet. Procter&gamble, McDonalds, Banks... but we find out 1 by 1, select the option of "paying attention for 1 week cause this is ludicrous" and then forget it after 1 month and go back to normal.

In the end he got compensated for the huge mess they had made. i'd be happy with the outcome after the frustration.

"there must be something in the terms&conditions that allow them to lie like that."

They can say outright in their terms and conditions that they will advertise falsely whenever they want, but that doesn't make it ethical or legal. You're defending the indefensible.

Pedro Pulido's picture

i'm not defending anything my friend. if this is a matter of principles only, they are dead wrong for sure. i just think in todays world that is a little naive. that's all. for me the issue itself isn't that much of a big deal. if i trust amazon and they trust a 3rd party and would rather lie and say it is coming from themselves... honestly for me the question is "did i get my product? no. then i'm not happy. did i get reimbursed? yes and i got 1000usd more to spend. not so bad in the end".

Sold by Amazon has always been total BS. I’ve brought B+W filters from amazon, when I pay for it, the page says sold by amazon, when I recieved the package, it was fulfilled by 3rd party seller. And the filters I got was counterfeit. Refunded it right away. Never buy filter and battery on amazon, too much fake shit.

William Howell's picture

I got ripped off to, but for only like twenty bucks. Amazon will get its comeuppance, if this continues.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

What was the case? Amazon sells that directly, Amazon fulfills the purchase, or a 3rd party seller?

William Howell's picture

Third party, I believe it is scammers who offer something at a sweet price, which this seller did, then they say it is shipped and get the money.
As for me, I thought I was going to get a Cardellini clamp for less than half price, but I received nothing and could not get a refund. Still have the email Amazon sent telling me they remove the seller from their reseller list.
Like I said if this continues no one is going to trust Amazon, that is a big if, because I still spend money at the site.

Avoid Amazon entirely if possible. No company should be allowed to get that big. All you're doing is helping to destroy smaller businesses, especially those that actually have physical stores. It's CEO Bezos is also involved in scummy biased left wing journalism via his ownership of the Washington Post.

William Howell's picture

Yeah I agree, the only reason I spend my money with that dude is because Amazon performs. But if they become a scammers paradise all bets are off.

Much, and perhaps most, of what they sell can be bought elsewhere and locally for around the same price. Many stores, like Best Buy, for example, will also price match Amazon. There really is no need to support such a store, and it's certainly not good for America.

LOL. Best Buy???? Best Buy is a joke. While I do not like Amazon's hegemony it's pretty much stores like Best Buy that make me spend my money on Prime.

Why not buy from Best Buy if they happen to have the item you need and they price match?

Jim Bolen's picture

And I bet you shop at Walmart, who has a HUGE history of putting small businesses out of business.

Why would you make such a foolish bet?


Bummer, but clearly it all worked out in the guys' favor, especially given the $1K gift card. I was one of the guys who got two A7Riii camera bodies, instead of ordered one, right before this Xmas from B&H. Of course I shipped one back and got a $250 gift card from B&H for their mistake.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

What a difference in the plot :)

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