Exporting Photos Has Just Become Even Easier For All Photographers With JPEGmini's Latest Update [Review]

The favorite plug-in amongst many photographers just got a little better, which is great news! In case you haven't read my last article covering what JPEGmini does and what it's all about, it's both a software and plug-in that cuts the file size of every high-resolution photo in half while still retaining photo size and resolution. Sounds impossible, right? We put it to the test and the results did pleasantly surprise us. With that said, JPEGmini listened to what customers had to say and are finally sharing updates to all. Let's dive into what they've added. 

Before we begin, this update is available for those who already previously purchased this software at no charge. If you'd like to see an in-depth review of the product as a whole feel free to check out my last article on this software. This article we'll be covering just some update they've made.

Now Optimizes Photos Up To 128 Mega Pixels

JPEGmini is now catering to the medium-format crowd with its increase in export capacity. This is also useful for collages, panoramas, etc. Still not convinced? Give the Hasselblad’s sample image a try. The size of this photo is 64.6MB, after running through the software, that same photo optimized down to 16.6MB! You do the math, that's roughly 25% of the original file size while retaining full-resolution. You can test it for yourself by downloading a JPEGmini Pro free trial.

More Resizing Options

What they've added is the ability to set max height, width, long edge, and short edge. This is similar to the export option in Lightroom. While this update at first seems underwhelming, it really shows its value in the final feature that has been released.

Multiple Export and Resizing

I'll be honest, I've tried several times to find a way to do this via Lightroom, and JPEGmini has saved me time and headaches with this feature. I'm pumped to be using this feature in my everyday workflow. What this means is that you now can take export one photo file into multiple sizes and dimension with just one click. It's amazing and a lifesaver. From time-to-time, I do e-commerce work for websites that require exporting the same photo in multiple sizes, this perfect for that and will save everyone loads of time. The only downside that left me more to desire is that this feature is only available in the stand-alone app and has not been released for Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. It is a bummer but I did bring this up to the JPEGmini team and hopefully, that will be an update to come sooner than later.

Update's Pros

  • Photographers that use medium-format or panoramas now can export using this software with the increase of mega pixel capability.
  • The ability to export the same photo file into different sizes
  • Additional options such as long-edge, short-edge, max width, and max height.
  • The update is free for all customers who already have JPEGmini

Update's Cons

  • Some features aren't available in the plug-ins (i.e. the multiple export and resizing update)

JPEGmini can be purchased via their website and it retails at $99. Users can also try the software for a free trial. 

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Andrew Ashley's picture

I was all ready for you to say they have made it free for use (right after I purchased a license) or Google bought it (translation: it's about to be discontinued)... But wow, great news! I used it for all my jpg exports and it does a fantastic job. I only wish I could train it to look at all my past jpg exports and re-export them using it's compression technology, I'd save GBs of space!

Adam Ottke's picture

You basically can... I dragged my entire user folder over it and let it churn through that for a while. It skips everything non-JPG and then compresses and re-saves better versions right over them.

YoGi G's picture

I'm not seeing the update option yet for my copy... is there a separate link on JPEGmini's site for downloading the update?

Adam Ottke's picture

It came up automatically for me when I opened my now-old version. However, you can always just download it from their site at JPEGmini.com/getpro or something like that. You can activate it with your current serial number info if it doesn't activate already (but it should just update).

Andrew Ashley's picture

I'm running into the same issue here, Adam, do you have the stand alone version or are you using the plug-ins? And by opening the stand alone version is it auto updating the plug-ins? And more importantly, are you using a Mac? I just noticed in the FAQ section this comment:

What input resolutions does JPEGmini support?
The JPEGmini Web Service, JPEGmini pro and the JPEGmini Server support files with a resolution of up to 128 Megapixels for Mac, 60MP for PC. The JPEGmini app supports files with a resolution of up to 28 Megapixels.

So the update may be only for Mac at this point. I sure am hoping they are working on the PC version. Probably also why you can't find any information about this update on their site yet. They will probably make an announcement when it is updated in both versions.

Andy Foster's picture

Once you use JPEGmini you never go back. Use on everything, but this update from max 50mb is a great option.
Will be investigating the multiple sizes option too.

J J's picture

I'm a bit confused. jpeg is a lossy format. Resolution is a vague term. If the pixel dimensions are the same you could claim the same resolution. Is this a lossless conversion of a jpeg? So identical output if converted to tiff as the source image would be (assuming also jpeg)?

Adam Ottke's picture

In short, this just compresses your already-compressed JPEGs in a smarter, more powerful way that saves you more space without any PERCEPTIBLE loss in detail. It's still a JPEG and has nothing to do with converting too or from uncompressed files.

One of the biggest benefits (to me) aside from just saving space on your hard drive is having a way smaller file across your website anywhere that you have an image. It'll load way faster (directly relative to however much space you save by re-saving with JPEGmini before uploading). Huge benefit.

Eric Draht's picture

Jpegmini saves your jpg's on quality level 7. So if you're in photoshop, save as a jpg and choose 7 as a quality level. If you don't have photoshop, jpgmini is a great cost saver.

Dustin Francis's picture

I don't understand JPEG Mini, I've tested it with a couple hundred images of all different types and it never gives me better visible quality OR a smaller file size than PS or LR...what am I missing?!?

Alexander Petrenko's picture

It won't give you better quality. It gives smaller size.

Dustin Francis's picture

I get the same quality and SMALLER files sizes by NOT using JPEG Mini.

Andrew Ashley's picture

Depends completely on how you export your jpgs. If you have small size and lower quality export of images, the effect is imperceptible. But if you export at maximum quality from LR or PS the effect is HUGE. I export at various sizes but with JPGMini always with the highest quality and the size of the file is as if I had used a much lower quality setting but with the same quality as the highest setting. Saves an enormous amount of hard drive space, and now I can use it for my rather massive panorama files which is really exciting!

Eric Draht's picture

Fun fact: Export your files with 7 on the quality level in photoshop. Jpegmini won't be able to compress it any more, and it'l look identical to jpegmini's exports.
Yup, jpegmini just exports your jpg's with a quality level 7.

Dustin Francis's picture

I do level 8, which is still MUCH smaller in files size than JPEG Mini and like you said, visibly the same.

Adrian Lyons's picture

I tested JPGmini against another app I've been using for a while now. RIOT is free, runs in both individual or batch mode and outputs files as small and sometimes smaller the JPGMini. No plugin though if that's a deal breaker for you.

Thought I'd save you all $99.

frank s's picture

hi, i use http://guetzli.montafon.info/ . it is free and makes the images smaler than JPEGmine. the only problem is that it takes a long time for the conversion.

Bill Larkin's picture

Is there a way for the PS plugin to not default to the desktop every time, but rather default to the last saved in folder?