Five Things That Piss Off Photographers

Five Things That Piss Off Photographers

As my grandfather would have said, it’s better to be pissed off than to be pissed on. I guess he was right in some regards. For the most part, being rubbed the wrong way never becomes comfortable, and even photographers have a breaking point.


We’re all familiar with it. Criticism is something photographers need to become immune to if they plan on lasting. You need to learn to take criticism in this craft. After all, everyone has an opinion and they’re quick to share it online (you know, that place you like to share your work).

There’s no rule set in stone stating that all criticism must be constructive and polite, and because of that, people tend to be say what’s on their mind.


You shoot models? Yep, you shoot porn. Automotive photographer? Yep, you’re a geek. Family portraits? You’re an amateur. This isn’t how I feel personally, but I’ve heard it all before. Shoot, I’ve even developed my own catchy stereotypes that I’m sure would piss off all kinds of photographers, but you have too, so be understanding when someone conveniently places you into a stereotype you may not be prepared to associate with.


You’ve worked your tail off to establish your clientele and suddenly someone dips into that cache with their under-priced offerings. Don’t be that guy. If someone in your area is successful at a certain rate, do what you can to catch up to that rate. You’re probably worth it.


Someone more quote worthy than myself once said that you don’t need to be smart, you just need to know someone smart and copy them. Someone else once said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. That aside, do your thing, and if it’s yours and you own it, people will relate to that and the ones who copy you will fall into place behind you, as intended.


Maybe it’s just me, but damn you, technology! You keep advancing and making me feel obsolete. Or perhaps you complete me? I don’t know, but as my mind’s telling me no, my body, my body is telling me yes, and that leads to random clicks of random "purchase now" buttons on my favorite shopping site. I don’t even know if I need all of this crap, but I’m pretty sure it’s helping me to be more creative. I think. Maybe I’ll just shoot on film.

Did I leave anything out? What irks you as a photographer? Share in the comments below.

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What pisses me off the most are photographers who whine about being photographers! lol

lol wedding photographers who complain about their weekends not being free.


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That's number six

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If you need Adobe, they've done their job and you haven't done yours. :-/

That would make sense if only their software worked reliably and fast (LR). It doesn't.

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?? No! Spoit, spoit (spray bottle I use on my dogs). If their software doesn't work the way you want, use something else. If you can't use something else, that means they did their job which is to make you dependent on them and you didn't do yours which is to not be dependent on them. PERIOD! <- See what I did there. I ended a sentence with a period, wrote "period" but then capped it off with an exclamation point. :-)

Really? You voted me down for that? WTF!?
You've cast more down votes than up votes! smh

Your logic is flawed. One can appreciate and willingly use something while at times still being upset with it. I feel the same way towards Apple and their products. For my purposes they produce the best hardware and OS software, but it is still upsetting when things remain broken and not improved upon. I feel the same way towards Adobe's products.

As for me downvoting you, I disagreed with your comment, hence the down-vote. There's nothing wrong with that. That's why that function exists. And why are you keeping tabs on how I vote?? 😮

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You're quite right except that opinion has nothing to do with your preceding comment which is illogical.

When you agree with someone, there's no need to comment on it so an up vote is appropriate. If you disagree, however, you should say why, which you did, in which case a down vote is redundant. While there're no rules for their use, logic dictates down votes be used for offensive comments.

When I've been offensive, I completely understand getting a down vote. If not, and particularly when my comment is logical and correct, I want to understand why the person did so. In your case, the fact you vote more people down than up, indicates a disagreeable person and probably not worth my time. I would have left it at that had you not also commented.

Nothing I have written is illogical. I prefer to use Adobe's products, but that use does not mean I can't also be frustrated at times with their products.

I comment on things I agree with and on things I don't agree with. My use of the voting function is in harmony with that. Downvotes are simply a way to disagree with someone in a forum. A person doesn't have to be offensive to get a downvote. That's now how it works. You being offended because someone downvoted is unreasonable.

I have to ask again, why are you keeping tabs on how I vote? The topic of this article is not me. Please get back to the topic and stop trying to make the discussion personal. That is the logical thing to do.

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While you are providing a sound reasoning for Up/Down votes, there are no official rules and users are allowed to use their own discretion. Some people also like to see the world burn.

On the note of using something else besides Adobe. I've just picked up the Affinity products and they're AWESOME!

Sure, but I'm not telling him how to use it. I'm not concerned in the least whether he does or not.

Edit: Sorry Michael, I thought you were responding to me. Disregard the above. I will respond to the first part of your comment though. He is not being reasonable in his complaint to me.

An upvote is simply a way to agree with a poster and a downvote is simply a way to disagree with them. In either case a post can accompany the vote, or not. It's that simple. He simply took the downvote personal and then tried to get personal with me.

I've heard of Affinity but haven't tried it yet since I'm still in a subscription cycle with Adobe. I'll be sure to give a try as soon as it comes to the end of that cycle. I've never gotten used to the idea of renting software.

That's also a potential replacement for some Photoshop users but these days I mostly use Lightroom, which I think is exceptional software, minus the bugs, in some cases very slow performance and glacially slow to come by improvements.

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I have not been at all disappointed with Affinity. For the most part it's a very easy user transition since it's set up and looks very similar to PS. It even does some things better than in my opinion.

As soon as adobe went full subscription I was looking for a replacement. I cannot justify the running costs for updates that wont include features that I'm guaranteed to use.

I don't get too many bugs on my copy of LR6 (the last year it was available to own I think) and it hasn't crashed on my mac. The other alternative is CaptureOne which is REALLY powerful for its image quality but is a more tedious program to use.

I was using LR a little while ago and the Navigator view bug where a previous image is shown is one that really bothers me. It's been there for years now.

I agree about Capture One being tedious. Actually, I think it has an awful user interface. LR is also more capable.

By the way, LR is still available to buy from Adobe.

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The one thing that will keep me from getting rid of CaptureOne is its file processing. The quality is a lot better for some weird reason. Even on things like contrast and and color work. Do the same things on both programs and it will look much more clean in C1.

That wasn't my experience. You have to also remember that C1 applies more adjustments by default.

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I acknowledged there are no rules but we were talking about logic. His use was illogical. I would have suggested he try other software but that, also, would have been logical. :-/

This is my last response to this; this is grade school nonsense. Read the first part of my edited comment above to Michael. That is my last response to you on this matter, except to request once again that you keep things topical and not personal.

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I wasn't addressing you and didn't invite a response from you.

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My reply was about your rules on how Up/Down votes are supposed to happen. If someone down votes a comment of yours, get over it.

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I know what your reply was to. My response stands.

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It looks logical to me. If you don't understand his logic re-read this snippet from one of his replies to your salt.

"An upvote is simply a way to agree with a poster and a downvote is simply a way to disagree with them. In either case a post can accompany the vote, or not. It's that simple. He simply took the downvote personal and then tried to get personal with me."

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Well, if you think so... so what?

Michael Holst's picture

Please pass the salt...

Michael I edited my post to you below. I thought you were responding to me.

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Complaints about cutting edge technology, no matter who it's from... Mostly found on rumor sites, "If it doesn't have a fudge-a-ma-hoose-it then I'm ditching my SmackCam2000 and going full on FujNikCanHas-a-ma-bob..." Just go out and shoot...

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People telling me gear doesn't matter or it does. Social media doesn't matter or it does. Whoever is president matters or doesn't. Basically, anyone who tries to impose their point of view on me. Sure, I want to hear about your POV, but it's yours...not mine.

I can assure you it doesn't matter.

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Thanks for your point of view. :-/

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