Random Person Proclaims that His Uncle Prefers Nikon, Photographer Immediately Sells All Canon Gear

Random Person Proclaims that His Uncle Prefers Nikon, Photographer Immediately Sells All Canon Gear

Have you ever been out taking pictures, whether for fun or on a paid gig, only to have someone strike up a conversation about your camera? Turns out, a lot of other people take pictures with professional gear as well! And they all have an opinion about which is best.

On a sunny weekend in July, Parker Anderson was dressed in his best button-up shirt and vest while capturing still images at a modest wedding just outside of St. Louis. Things were going well and Anderson was having a good shoot so far; the bridal party was relaxed and easy going while the light coming through the windows of the church was wonderfully warm and dramatic.

Anderson was his usual smiling self, and welcomed conversation as one of the guests approached him while people were taking their seats.

This guy started asking me about my camera, so I showed it to him. I said, ‘It’s a Canon 5D mark iii. Not the latest model, but it captures a quality image and is a great tool for the job.’

The guy smiles and laughs a little bit, then spends the next two minutes explaining to me how Nikon is superior in every way to Canon, and that his Uncle is a professional landscape photographer. ‘Yeah, my Uncle really knows his stuff, so uh, you should do yourself a favor and look into Nikon. For starters the lenses are way better, the bodies have more resale value, and the color reproduction is so much better since the sensors in them are completely different! I’m pretty sure most pros use Nikon. I mean, I’m sure that your Canon is OK, but I think serious shooters are all using Nikon. My uncle shot film for a long time so he knows what’s up.’

Anderson politely nodded and excused himself as the processional wasn’t too far away from starting. Once in place and with a moment to think, he couldn’t help but feel this tremendous sinking feeling setting in. All of the images he had shot over the last seven years of his career, and the images he was about to capture that very day were going to be garbage.

I lost all motivation at that point, but because I take my work seriously, I started listing my camera gear on craigslist during downtime at the reception that evening. I looked at a few opinion articles online after Google searching 'Nikon better than canon' and according to a bunch of people on the internet I've never met, my 5D was basically a paperweight and the lenses were all junk.

Over the next two weeks, Anderson sold all of his Canon gear for a fraction of what he had paid for it and purchased all new Nikon gear to replace it.

I'm positive that my work is going to be much more professional now that I own this particular brand of equipment. Or at least, people will think I am a professional because of it, without even seeing my work. Perfect!

After reviewing Anderson's latest portfolio images and not seeing anything that was obviously better than before, Anderson told me that, "if you zoom into 400%, you can totally tell the difference!"

Lead image by kaboompics.com, used under Creative Commons.

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Josh Ashdown's picture

Ha ha nice! I'm glad I don't stress about gear as much anymore. The products out are all pretty amazing theses days. We are pretty spoiled with the equipment options now. Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Pentax, Sony....all are great. Phase, Hasselblad, Pentax...I'll take any of them.

stir photos's picture

I noticed you put listed Nikon first though and Pentax last... "Things that make you go hmmmm"

Deleted Account's picture

Since he listed Phase and Hasselblad just before Pentax, you could assume it was reverse order in terms of quality. :-)

stir photos's picture

haha. That should get a rise out of them. Actually,, it appears it already has...

Josh Ashdown's picture

Busted! Actually when I look at the order I wrote them in, I would only switch Canon and Fuji in order of what I prefer. Good eye on my mental thought process...I didn't even realize...lol.

Deleted Account's picture

I feel sorry for people who buy a bunch of gear before realizing Nikon is best. I think there may even be a few misinformed photographers out there, right now, shooting with something else. ;-)

Reginald Walton's picture

That must be why you see more Canon gear in pro sports than anything else. ROFL

Jim Bolen's picture

Must be why you see more wedding and portrait photographers shooting Nikon. Every piece of gear has its specialty, including bodies.

Deleted Account's picture

We were misinformed 40 years ago and because of "investment" in glass, decided to perpetuate our mistakes. ;)

Deleted Account's picture

Nikon is best but because it's not bestest, we still don't know who's really the top gear brand. It's probably Apple.

Matt Allan's picture

To me (a Canon shooter), this all sound like one of those 'stories' you'd read in Playboy magazine. Who cares really?

And if this guy was so insecure about his work after a single conversation with some random about the camera hanging around his neck, then I don't think he should of been out charging people to shoot their weddings in the first place.

The simple fact that he'd been hired to shoot a (or another) wedding should have been enough vindication that his work was just fine.

I'd happily shoot any brand of camera these days and am very confident I could produce great work with it regardless. I just don't get the whole, one brand is better over the other, conversation at all. It seems counter productive to me.

Deleted Account's picture

Umm.. It was a joke.

Simon Patterson's picture

Half the fun of satire pieces is reading the comments of people who take them seriously. Thanks for the extra entertainment!

Kurt Lindner's picture

100% Bullpen

This is so over-the-top of the situation it's attempting to parody, it's not really funny.
Did Lee write this and publish under Mike Wilkinson?

Robert Nurse's picture

If your images don't look good at 400%, your gear sucks! ;-)

Matt Allan's picture

If you're scrutinizing your images at 400%, you've got bigger problems than the gear you used to capture it.

Justin Berrington's picture

Satire is obviously not your thing.

Mr Hogwallop's picture

800%. A lot of people say it's the bigglyiest best magnification.

Eric Robinson's picture

Never mind about whats the best gear and who has it, let’s cut to the chase, and see who has the biggest dick. ;-/

Robert Nurse's picture

Clearly, that's me! :-) But, seriously, I've seen images by people who don't have top flight gear that make me swoon!

Deleted Account's picture

I'll have to take your word for it but a black guy I worked with, years ago, asked me to retrieve photos from his fubar computer and it DEFINITELY wasn't him! ;-)

Ralph Hightower's picture

It's the classic Chevy versus Ford argument. It would have helped if that random person said that his uncle was Ansel Adams or some other photographer of reknown. I've been a Canon person since 1980; the A-1 was revolutionary with its aperture-priority, shutter-priority, program mode, plus stopped down metering and manual mode. I could've gone Nikon when I bought a DSLR, but owning two Canon SLRs, the other a New F-1, the 5D III met the specs of the two film cameras with their respective motor drives in FPS; besides being full-frame.
I tried to find the Press Conference parody where a Canon 1Dx says his camera is better than the 5D III. The other guy asks "Do you shoot sports?" "No" and other questions. The 1Dx guy says "I own a 1Dx". But I couldn't find the video. It's funny.

Laca Port's picture

Next time, he should sell all of his Nikon gear and buy... a Toyota!

Simon Patterson's picture

Very well done! Nicely written. I enjoyed that.

Next he'll need to sell all his Nikon stuff for Sony. Same sensors as Nikon, but he will be able see the histogram and blown highlights in the viewfinder as he composes his image. No self respecting photographer could possibly take good photos without those features in this day and age! 😀

michael andrew's picture

What I love more than this is the people that wont buy a 5Div because of the video file size/codec. Like are you freaking serious, its not a video camera. It just happens to do video. It is a great photography camera, and what is everyone so focused on all this video stuff anyway? People watch everything on youtube on their PHONES!

Alex Akamine's picture

Being an event/wedding photographer in San Francisco, most other photographers I’ve worked with have used Canon and I’ve been the lone Nikon guy. I’ve at some points considered switching based off that but I’m glad I haven’t. And not because Nikon is better, which is completely subjective, but simply because it’s a pain the ass to switch systems. Also, gear shouldn’t have so much weight. A good photographer should make decent photographs regardless of gear.

George Malczynski's picture

PetaPixel?! is that you? ohh you dog ;) sneakin ur clickbait on Fstoppers.

Deleted Account's picture

This all sound like a fabricated story. Not sure that a real photographer would do that just because a random person makes such comment.

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